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FlargleSnarfMuffins evil thoughts. >:]
*WARNING* A insane person wrote these!
Crimson .:. Chapter 2 .:.
A bright light found its way thought the cracks in between the curtains that covered the windows. It shot like a beam thought the dark room where the four sleepy vampire hunters slept. Chris moaned as the light hit his eyes. He turned over, looking away from the sun in a sleepy fashion. A small clock on the wall ticked constantly. Its hands read 1:34 P.M. The morning was already gone and the afternoon was here. Serenity awoke with a sleepy yawn. She rubbed her eyes, not even bothering to sit up. She narrowed her eyes, trying to get her sleepy eyes to focus on the clock. The girls jade green eyes widened when she saw the time, “Get up! It’s almost two in the afternoon!” She said in a panic as she sat up in the bed. Keeping her body on the mattress, she leaned over the side of the bed, pulling all of her belongings out from underneath it. She quickly stood up and situated herself. She started with putting back on her belt and boots, then her jacket, and other things she was carrying around, including her weapons.

“You’re kidding…” Chris muttered as he sat up, his long dark brown hair had fallen out of its pony tail during the night. It flopped over her shoulders in an almost girlish way. He gave out a long, aggravated sigh as searched the bed for his hair tie. Once locating it, he pulled his long hair back into the same neat pony tail as before, with one strand of uncontrollable hair that appeared above his forehead. He got off of the bed and squatted next to it, reaching under and pulling out everything that was his. Chris strapped on his black, metal plated boots, put on his long black jacket and placed his two magnums inside their hiding space on the inside of his jacket. Last but not least, he placed the golden necklace over his head, letting the gold chain and cross fall over his chest.

Kermit sat up and moved so that both of his feet we off of the bed, rubbing both of his eyes with one hand. He then reached over to a night stand next to his bed and picked up a pair of black tinted sunglasses, which he placed over his eyes. “Look’s like we’ll have to move a little faster today if we want to get anything done.” Kermit said in a monotone voice as he too reached under the bed for his possessions. Like the other two, he put on his boots first, followed by his long black trench coat. There was no need to have to fix his hair, since he didn’t have any anyway. He brushed his finger though his mustache and beard then stood up and looked around the room. His eyes lingered over to an empty bed at the other side of the room. “Where’s Gary?” Kermit asked in a confused tone, wondering where his younger brother had run off to.

Just before any of them had a chance to answer, Gary opened the door to the room and stepped in. He was already dressed and ready to go. The same devious smirk as always covered is face. “I was wondering when you “Sleeping Beauties” were gong to wake up.” He said with a laugh. It was just like Gary to crack a joke like that. He ran his fingers though his messy, short brown hair. By the looks of it, he had gotten into a bit of a fight, or it was quite windy out side.

“So, just where were you?” Serenity asked in a serious tone as she finished getting ready and walked over towards the door, standing next to Gary. Her hands were placed on her hips as she awaited her uncle’s answer.

Gary laughed slightly at Serenity’s reaction, “I decided to go into town for a bit.” He replied simply, his eyes lingering from Serenity two his two brothers. “I found a restaurant we can have breakfast at.” Gary said with a smile. “And there has been no sign of any other attacks, much less one from a vampire.”

Chris and Kermit seemed to sigh at the same time. “Fine then, let’s go.” Kermit said, just as serious as always.

Serenity looked over at Kermit with a frown, “You need to lighten up a bit. You’re always so serious and precise about everything. You should take a vacation once in a while!” The young woman boasted as she threw her arms up into the air. She then folded her arms against her chest as she waited for the others. Serenity was hungry and couldn’t wait until they got to the restaurant. “I hope the foods yummy.” She thought to herself, drooling in her head.

Silently, Gary turned around and walked out the door, not saying another word to his family. A light sigh escaped his lips. He could tell it was going to be a long day.

Kermit raised an eyebrow at Serenity. He shook his head as he erased the conversation from his mind. Then he too headed out the door, his black boots making a noise as they hit the wooden floor beneath them.

Chris looked over at Serenity, their eyes meeting each other. Without a word between them they both exited their room at the same time, closing the door behind them. Each made sure they had everything they had walked in there with as they left the building; surely enough, they did.

After two hours, the group had gotten to the restaurant, eaten their meals and left. Chris yawned and stretched his arms as they exited the small building. “For a small town they have some pretty good food.” He said to no one in particular. They started to walk down the small dirt path, headed towards the hill behind the house Naomi lives in.

“It probably would have been better if Serenity hadn’t eaten half of mine.” Gary said, looking to the ground. He wasn’t hungry anyways; he was just saying that to strike up a conversation and to annoy his niece.

“It’s not like you were going to eat it.” Serenity boasted back at Gary with a slight smile. A cool breeze swept thought the area, making her two black pony tails wave in the wind. This sent a cold chill down her spine, nearly identical to the one you would get if someone had died.

Many people passed them as they made their way down the path. But one seemed to catch their eyes the most. It was a half-way intoxicated woman, appearing in her mid thirties. She stumbled across the dirt path; blood stains darkened on her dirty hands. It was obvious that she was a peasant. Kermit, Gary, Chris, and Serenity had all seen their share of blood so this wasn’t much of a strange thing to them. As they continued along the path, their eyes traveled over to the house they had fought at yesterday. Something seemed different about it; much different. The curtains seemed to be all pulled down from the windows; the door was broken off its hinges. It looked as if someone had tried to destroy the place. Serenity’s eyes widened at the sight of it. “Naomi….” She muttered to herself, worried about the child. Without thinking, she ran off towards the small house, her black boots thumping against the ground. Serenity ran up the steps of the front porch and into the house. Her jade eyes looked around. The room was a mess and there was some blood stains on the furniture.

“Serenity!” Kermit called out to the girl as she ran off. He was quite angry at her for the time being. First she had run off without saying anything, and then she just barged into someone’s house without permission. He quickly followed behind her, slowly entering the home that looked like a war zone. “Oh s**t….” He whispered as his head turned from one side to another. Just as he did so Gary and Chris entered the home. Each held their own gawking expression.

Serenity looked back at the three men, “Split up and look for Naomi.” She said in a serious tone, still worried about the young girl. The first room that they had entered was the living room. If you headed straight though an open door way you would end up in the kitchen, which had a stair well that led into the basement and a door that opened up into the back yard. If you turned to the right there was a hallway that led into two bedrooms, a bathroom and a large closet.

“Alright.” Chris said as he walked into the kitchen. He looked around, noticing that this room seemed untouched. “If there was a fight, then why didn’t they use the knives or something from the kitchen?” He thought to himself as he headed for the basement. Once at the bottom of the stairs, he flicked on the lights, making the cluttered, damp, room visible.

Gary followed Chris into the kitchen, he too wondering the same question. Instead of going down stairs, he walked out into the back yard. At first his icy blue eyes looked around for anything. After seeing nothing out of the ordinary, he started to wander around. A sigh escaped his lips as he looked at the area where they had fought the monster the day before. “Was there another one?” Gary thought as he looked up at the large blue sky, watching a flock of dark birds fly overhead.

Kermit searched the living room. He placed the flipped over furniture back on their feet as he looked around. Still, besides a few blood stains, there was nothing but a mess. “It couldn’t have been a monster. Whatever caused this mess wasn’t strong enough to do much damage to the home itself.” Kermit thought to himself as he picked up a child’s blanket and tossed it on the back of a chair.
Serenity checked the back rooms. The large closet was empty, surprisingly, and the bathroom looked normal. There were only two doors left, one was wide open and the other was halfway open. Serenity peeked into the open one and looked around. Besides a messy bed, there was nothing strange there either. “If there’s anything wrong here it’s probably in this room.” She thought to herself as her green eyes stared at the wooden door. Slowly, she brought to hand up and placed it on the door, pushing it open. Serenity gasped in pure horror of what she saw. Her jaw hung open as she looked at the mess in the room. Everything seemed to be everywhere. Sheets and blankets covered large objects and there was a blood stained sheet lying on the bed. It was quite obvious that there was a body under it. The young girl slowly made her way thought the destroyed room. A few stuffed animals gave away that it was a child’s room; Naomi’s room. Serenity’s pale hands shook nervously as she approached the bed. She winced her eyes as she placed her hand on the clean end of the bloody sheet, pulling it off of the body. A state of shock fell over her as she looked down at what was under it. “Oh my God…” She whispered to herself as she looked down at the cold, lifeless body. Cuts and burses covered the child’s body. A large wound in her stomach was quite obvious and there was a ring around her neck, like someone had tried to choke her. It was the sweet, shy young girl they had met the day before, Naomi. “Who….what…did this?” Serenity thought as tears welled up in her eyes, though she fought to keep them back. “She was just a defenseless child!”

Just then footsteps could be heard walking up the wooden porch. A woman in a pair of dark blue slacks and an old cream shirt stumbled into the living room. Her eyes locked onto Kermit as she stumbled towards him in a drunken stumble. “What’d ya’ doin’ in ma house?” She asked, slurring her speech.

Kermit raised a brow as he looked at the intoxicated woman. That’s when it hit him; this was the same woman they had seen walking down the street on the way here. She must have gone to get another drink. He looked down at the dark red substance that stained her hands. He glared at her from under his sunglasses.

The woman came closer and closer to Kermit. She placed her dirty hands on his shoulders and looked up him, “You’re kinda’ cute.” She said, the torn sleeve of her shirt falling off of her shoulder.

Still in shock, Serenity stood up and walked back towards the living room. She knew she had to tell everyone what had happened so that they could find who had killed Naomi. Her eyes widened as she stepped into the living room, seeing the woman hitting on her uncle. “Naomi is….” Serenity began to say in a quiet tone.

Kermit knocked the woman’s arms away from him with one swipe on his arm. “What?” He asked, slowly pulling out one of his guns, but keeping it pointed at the ground.

The woman stumbled back a bit, her gray eyes shifting over to Naomi slightly then back to Kermit. “Dead?” She said, still in a drunken slur. She laughed slightly as if it was a joke. “She had it coming.”

Serenity gasped slightly as she glared at the woman. “Just who are you anyway?” She asked the drunken woman in a curious tone. Something gave her a bad feeling about this. Serenity sidestepped over towards her uncle. “I’m going to go get the others.” She whispered to him. Quickly, she went into the kitchen then over to the stairs that led to the basement. “Uncle Chris! Get up here!” She called down to him. Next she made her way to the door that led out into the back yard. She opened it and looked around. A sigh escaped her lips as she looked at her Uncle, who was still looking around. “Uncle Gary, you might want to come in here.” Serenity said, leaving the door open then walking back into the living room.

Both men had heard her call out to them. Chris came up the stairs, cobwebs and dust covering his jacket. “Great…” he thought to himself as she blew one away from his face. The basement was a dirty mess; it probably hadn’t been cleaned for years.

Gary entered the back door, closing it behind him. “The must have found something.” He thought in his head as he looked over at his younger brother, and then made his way into the living room. Once there he looked at the woman, the familiar face from the streets not long ago.

“Do I need an audience?” The woman asked as she sat down on the couch, trying to act as if they weren’t there. She stretched out her arms and yawned slightly.

“You killed Naomi, didn’t you?” Serenity asked in an angry tone as she glared at the woman with her jade eyes. She folded her arms against her chest and tapped her foot impatiently. “Answer me!” She girl demanded.

“Yea, so what if I did.” The woman said as she picked up a bottle that was lying on the ground. She screwed off the top and took a swig of whatever was in it. “Ya’ll are vampire hunters, right?” She asked them with a loud exhale. “Then I did you a favor. Now there’s one less for you to kill.” The woman said with a smirk, taking another drink.

“She was a… vampire?” The four thought in unison. They all hid their surprised expressions by keeping a straight, emotionless face.

Chris looked at the woman suspiciously, “You’re her mother aren’t you?” He asked, taking a wild guess. Why else would the woman claim for this to be her home.

“Yea,” The woman replied to Chris, a hiccup escaping her lips. “What of it?”

Her response only angered Serenity even more. Her arms fell to her side and she clenched her fists together. She tiled her head towards the ground, her bangs covering her eyes. “How can you be so calm knowing that you just killed your own child?” Serenity shouted out in a blinded rage. She marched over towards the woman, grabbing her by the collar of her shirt and pulling her up off the couch. She made a fist with her other hand, threatening to punch the woman.

“Her father was a vampire and a very attractive one at that.” The woman said with a smirk of pure evil. “He promised me that we’d see each other again but it was more of a one night stand.” She said, her tone of voice growing as serious as it could be with its drunken slur. “He left me alone and pregnant. It only made me hate vampires even more. But Naomi, she was different. I couldn’t teach her any thing or even to get her to do simple tasks because she was blind. So, I began to think why bother anymore. We want the vampires dead and without her and her backtalk life would be easier.”

“You ungrateful little wrench!” Serenity yelled at the woman in a cold sober as she swung her fist at her face. Her fist met with the woman’s cheek, causing her face to turn to her right. A red mark appeared as the muddled woman’s shoulder-length dirty blonde hair fell over her face. The room became mute; Kermit, Gary, and Chris were not surprised by Serenity’s actions, but it seemed the woman didn’t actually think she would hit her.

The senseless woman began laughing maniacally as she turned her head to face serenity once more. “Are you a fool girl?” She questioned, still garbling her speech. “I told you, I did you a favor.” The woman dropped her bottle of alcohol on the ground, causing it to still all over the floor. She took both of her hands and wrapped them around Serenity’s wrists, digging her blood stained nails into them. After a few seconds, she began to draw blood.

The emerald eyed girl clenched her teeth together to stop herself from crying out in pain. In one abrupt movement, Serenity kicked her foot into the woman’s stomach, hoping that the blow would make her let go; it did.

The woman fell back into the chair, grasping her stomach in pain. She then sat back up, scowling at Serenity. Without a word, she lunged up from her chair towards the girl, trying to hit her. Luckily for Serenity the woman’s movements where not on target, because of her drunkenness but they were wild and unpredictable.

Serenity grabbed the woman’s arm as she sent a punch towards her. She twisted her arm behind her. Once she got the woman still enough, she grabbed onto her other arm, holding it to the side. “You’re just wasting your time.” Serenity murmured into the woman’s ear. “If I had my way I’d kill you here and now for what you did to Naomi. Also, I don’t want to hear you pity story because weather she was a vampire or not she was your daughter! A real mother would give her life before taking her child’s.”

The woman looked to the ground, then back over at Chris, Kermit, and Gary. “I still don’t regret it.” She said slurred. She then turned her head to the side, trying to look at Serenity. Her hair fell to the sides of her eyes, partially blinding her view. “Go ahead, kill me.” She said in a normal tone of voice.

“This lady’s insane.” Chris thought to himself, exhaling a sigh of aggravation. He knew they couldn’t just kill her but arresting her for murder wasn’t under the jurisdiction of a vampire slayer. The least he could do right now was to go and fetch the local authorities. They’ll deal with her. Saying nothing, he walked to the door and exited, letting the wooden frame of the screen door close loudly behind him. At a brisk speed, he made his way into town, scanning the outside of each building with his dark eyes. Miraculously, the police station was one of the first buildings he looked at. He opened the door with another lament and stepped inside. An officer sitting at the front desk looked up at him. Right away the man noticed that Chris was a vampire slayer. He was a bit shocked at first to see him, since there had never been a report going though that a slayer or squads of them were entering their town; this was mainly because their mission was supposed to be secretive. “We’ve got a murder just at the edge of the village.” Chris said blankly. “We’re already apprehended the murderer.”

The man jumped up from his seat and pressed a button on his desk. He walked over to Chris as two other men entered the room from a door to the side of them. “Show us where Sir.” He said to Chris, looking up at the tall man. Since Vampire slayers and hunters were of a higher ranking that normal officers, the man made sure to address him properly.

As quiet as ever, Chris exited the building, walking at the same fast pace as before. He looked back to see if the men were following; they were right behind him. Soon they were back at the old, raunchy house that the others were in. The officers pulled out their guns, preparing their selves for the worst. At once they all entered the building, the police entering first, followed by Chris.

Serenity smirked as she saw the officers enter, pointing their guns at the woman, who she was still holding still. “Looks like you’ll get what you deserve after all.” She said in a satisfied tone as she looked at the woman. Even though she was smaller and shorter than the drunken lady, she was still able to hold her back with no help at all. Serenity let go of the woman, pushing her towards the cops. Two of them put their guns away and walked towards the woman. One of them held her still while the other handcuffed her. Serenity figured that Chris had already told them what had happened, other wise they probably wouldn’t have come. “She admitted that she did it.” Serenity sighed, looking over at the officers, “And if you want proof, go look in the back bedroom.” She finished in a saddened tone, walking over towards her uncles.

The two men led the woman out of her home, while the other staid behind. He looked around the messy room then over at Kermit, Gary, Chris and Serenity. “Where’s the room at?” He asked in a serious tone, letting a sigh escape his lips after his sentence. This was the first time in this town that a murder had taken place; A few suicides but nothing this serious. The man could only imagine the sights he was about to see. Was the death a clean shot or a bloody mess? Only time would tell him.
“It’s back this way.” Serenity said as she walked back thought the hallway. Memories of when she first entered haunting her mind. Her three uncles followed closely behind the cop. Serenity opened the door and stepped out of the way for the others to enter. She refused to go inside again. The bloody face of the child was not one she wanted to remember.

The cop entered the room, followed by Kermit, Gary, and Chris. “Oh my…” The officer managed to mutter as he saw the chaotic room and the bloody mess of the bed. He gasped slightly, seeing that it was only a child; a young girl at that. He completely removed the covers that hid her body. He first noticed a large wound in the stomach and lines around her neck. If she was half vampire it would be hard to believe that these wounds alone killed her, but maybe, she did die of suffocation. The man sighed as he covered up the body, lowering his head in respect. “There’s not much I can do besides filling a report and arresting the woman.” He said, turning his attention back to the men.

“The woman was her mother.” Kermit said to the officer, looking from Naomi to the cop, “Well give her a proper burial.”

The officer looked at Kermit. “Thank you.” He said with a straight face. “It’s hard to believe the first murder in this town would be from a mother killing her own child.” He said, walking out of the room. He nodded to Serenity on the way out. After exiting the home he met up with the other two officers. They still had the woman in handcuffs; she wasn’t resisting arrest one bit, which only made it easier on them.

Serenity leaned against the wall. She slid down, so that she was sitting on the ground. She brought her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them, hiding her face in her legs. Now the tears started to flow down her cheeks. She barely knew Naomi but it still upset her that she was killed. Knowing that it was her mother who had done it only made it harder to take in. Visions of her own mother filled her head.

Kermit, Gary and Chris walked out of the room. “I’ll go make her a grave.” Kermit said as to the others. “Did anyone see a shovel around here?” He asked, trying not to put too much thought into his niece’s tears.

“I think I saw one in the basement.” Chris said to Kermit, standing next to him. “You go find a good place, I’ll get the shovel.” He continued. Afterwards he walked though the house and back down the old creaky stairs. Kermit sighed then made his way though the house, exiting the back door and closing it behind him. He scanned the yard, looking for a proper place to bury the young girl.

Gary looked down at Serenity. He crouched down next to her, wrapping his arms around her in a warm hug. “Where she’s at now is better than were she had to live here.” He whispered to her, trying to calm her down. His icy blue eyes stared at the wall in front of him, his mind slowly traveling off to distant places.

“I know.” Serenity whispered, whipping away the tears from her cheek with the sleeve of her jacket. “Mother...” She thought to herself, only making more tears poor from her eyes. The blue tent from the tears and next to her green eyes turned them a beautiful teal color. Since her face was hidden, no one was able to see them.

About an hour later, they had dug a hole and laid the Naomi in her eternal resting place. Serenity held a small concrete statue in her hands. She set it down at the head of the grave sight and planted it safely into the ground. She stood back up and looked down at it. The three men also lowered their heads in respect. The small statue was of an angel. Her face was upturned and Serenity had carved Naomi’s name into its back. The grave was set underneath the large tree they had fist saw her at. It was a cool, shaded place. “She was just a fragile soul caught in the hands of fate.” Serenity thought to herself, now that she was done crying, “The sad thing is that she’ll just be another broken heart that the world forgot. But I will always remember you as the concrete angle.” A slight smile came to her face as she finished her thought. The four stood together, paying their last respects to Naomi, the young girl that had captured their hearts with out even knowing each other for one day.

“How precious,” A sinister sounding, female voice laughed, “Mourning over a dead half vampire.” She gazed into a glass mirror that was submerged in water. The darkness of the room shrouded her head and body. All that was visible was the pale skin of her hands. The woman’s nails were long and sharp. Here eyes traveled around the mirror, studying Serenity, Gary, Chris and Kermit. “Ooh, what do we have here?” She said to herself in a swooning tone. She brought her hand over the mirror, softly running her fingers over the mirror, right where Kermit was. Her evil snickering continued on as she fell into her own little world of thought.

((Here you go Franz, since you wanted to read it so bad. xDD ))

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commentCommented on: Mon Jun 02, 2008 @ 11:04pm
It was
and sad that Naomi dies!
*cries*(seriously i cried a little)
youre such a good writer.
thanks for posting it for me.
i cant wait to read your next one when you post it
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