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You look funny biggrin
[ <3 ]

    Hola everyone!

    Wow...it's been an uber long time since I've written in this thing..
    Well I guess it would technically be "typed" but whatever. D;

    SOOOO I'm going to fill you guys in on my life! :] (And lack of)


    - OHMANI'MSOOLD! I'm like ALMOST DONE GRADE 11! Noooo!
    - But yeahhhh fun year I guess. o:
    - A little drama, but meh, what're you gonna do? :B
    - I'm getting a 99% in music. :] WIN! (that's gonna drop though >-o; )
    - Speaking of music...I have like 3 music projects to do. : [
    - One of which was due over 2 months ago. :]
    - I'm screwed.

    - I'm currently reading City of Ashes! o: It's a really good book~

    Video games
    - I'm re-playing/attempting to beat The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. o:
    - No, I haven't beaten it yet. : [
    - I've just finished the creepy place. >>;

    - I'm also play pokemon fire-red! o:
    - AND World Ends With You! Which is an AMAZING GAME! And if you haven't already checked it out, I suggest you do. NOW! <333 :]

    - Well life has been good! :]
    - I'm happy! : D
    - Anime North was last weekend and it was AMAZING. As usual. ;D
    - If you didn't go and could have, you suck. D;
    - Jks? xD

    - But yeah! I love all of my friends and such! x3
    - I think I'm going blind. : [
    - I'm Mafia. :]
    - Bryna's left-hand man! ;D <333

    - My Emmi is amazing! I'm patting her right now. :3
    - I want to get a Shelti so badly. D:

    - I've been really tired lately, and I don't know why.
    Probably because I'm so old. D; </3

    - Buwahaha.

    - I decided to write a story.
    Like 7 minutes ago. o:

    Wanna read it? : D

    Once upon a time there was a fish.
    Now this was no ordinary fish, oh no.
    This fish was special. And by special, I mean “needs”.

    Yes. He thought he was a cow.

    Now, how the fish came to this conclusion, no one is really sure.
    But he stuck with it.
    No one really cared until one day he fell in love with a rock.

    Yes, a rock.

    In the end, he ended up marrying the rock.
    So the fish-cow and the rock got married and lived happily ever after.

    Well, atleast the fish did.
    The rock was never alive to begin with.

    Or was it…?

    Yeyyyy! :]
    I wrote that story in 3 minutes!
    And it was so amazing that I wrote a sequal for it!

    Once upon a time the---wait, didn’t I already use this intro?


    A long, long, long time ago.
    Or maybe it was really only 3 days ago.
    Who knows?


    There once lived a pelican.
    Now this pelican was special.
    Yes, just like the fish-cow.

    But unlike the fish-cow, the pelican didn’t THINK he was a cow.
    Oh no.
    He KNEW he was a goose.

    (Atleast it’s close)

    But that wasn’t the end to his speciality.

    You see, his gift was also his curse.
    He could only speak in rhymes.
    All the time…s…

    One day, the pelican was walking around in the desert when he spotted a buffalo (not a water one, sorry Donald D: )
    The pelican decided that he was going to make the buffalo a part of his gang.

    So with a long strut foreward, the pelican walked up to the buffalo.
    “Yo, Joe!” he said with a side-gangster-smirk.

    The buffalo mearly glanced up and continued to chew on the grass it had been eating.
    Yes, grass.
    In the desert.
    Get over it.

    “I noticed that you were gangster, and not wangster, you dig, jig?” the pelican-goose continued his rambling while keeping an eye on his new target.

    The buffalo continued to eat its grass.
    It didn’t understand what the pelican wanted.
    Or why he kept calling the buffalo a bunch of names.

    “Rude, dood! You gotta respond you…dond!” the pelican-goose-gangster was getting frustrated at this point.
    I mean, who wouldn’t want to talk to a gorgeous goose like himself?

    Finally, the buffalo had had enough.
    Letting out a big sigh, the buffalo turned around and walked away.


    YEYYY :]
    Poor penguin! o:

    Wait...it was a pelican...-fail- xD


    I love you all! : D

    Imma go bounce, yo! 8D

    Catch ya later, home skittles. >;D

    Remember to SMILE <3

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