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Alright, this is a conversation i had with my friend sammy at about 1 in the morning. we talked about a lot of things varying from tomatoes to cabbages to her raccooning me in the face. so yes. she was drunk. and she drank with his medicine which she is not supposed to do but she did anyway. so i wrote down some of the randomness we talked about. it was great fun. note. this is only about 3 minutes of our 2 hour long conversation and if se does not remember any of it i want her to be able to see what she was saying most of the time. She thought she was a tomato for most of the conversation. it was great fun! i told her if she slept on her back adn threw up while she was sleeping she would die. i also gave her the idea she was the tomato in the first place. it was hilarious. note again, ??? that means i
could not understand what she was saying. lol. There was also a lot more of ghetto trash talking than i actually could remmeber and she was talking so damn fast i was like s**t i cant get it all. it was pretty funny. sam was also the voice of the cabbages. so pretty much all of the insane wording is sam's considerng she was the drunk one and i am completely sober.


me: dont choke and die.
sam: thats what he said!
me: oh my god.. ur wasted.
sam: no you are!
me: no you are!
sam: no you are!
Accusations of who was drunk and who wasn't went on for aout 5 more minutes.
sam: WTF MAN!
cabbage: b***h this is mine!
sam: i command the veggies!
cabbage:nah we got antlers!
sam: ah s**t, u got antlers!?
Cabbage:ya boi! u and ur junk in ur trunk and.
Sam the tomato: ah s**t This juice is bangin yo!
cabbage:Thats paint a*****e!
Sam the tomato: im licking my pillow.
me: omfg...
sam: i need my sleepy sleepy. im tired of peanuts! i need cashews! i need cashews!
me: arn'tt cashews peanuts?
Sam: no. they're different breeds! peanuts are the guys and cashews are the girls!
me: oh..
sam: Actually, Peanuts are the birds! and cashews are the dolphins! so ******** peanuts! i want chashews! *chants cashews!* Omnomnom. i need my sleep go away. im drooling and licking my covers. *laughs* go away.
me: awww why?
sam: im tired. ??? hurassing me! *groan* sexual ??? cables spinning everywhere! *laughs*
me: ur hammered.
sam: *starts singing the smurf theme*
me: ...omfg...
sam: oh! i just slapped my a**!
me: ur a**?
sam: yeas. OM NOM NOM. *laughs* mmmm go away. im tired.
me: alright little tomato. go sleeepy.
sam: *makes weird noise.*
me: WTF?? are u tired?
sam: maybe.
me: jesus.
sam: nu uh. im tired.
me: i know.
sam: uhhn... OMNOMNOMNOM!
me: bad tomato! quit licking the phone!
sam: ??? my butt. im sliding the phone!
me: ok.
sam: hehehe omnom nom
me: u like that sound?
sam: omnomnom.
me: go sleep.
sam: i will on my back.
me: ok
Sam: u want me to die? u b***h! *starts cracking up for no reason*
me: its time for u to go to bed.
sam: night night time. good night.
me: good night. go sleep little tomato.
sam: ******** the cabages! *hangs up*
me: *laughs and hangs up*

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Community Member

Fri Jul 04, 2008 @ 04:08am

wow thats just...just weird and funnny as all hell

Dreadful Stranger
Community Member

Wed Jul 23, 2008 @ 08:05am

wtf man...you shouldv put all of it...i wanted to read more XD

User Comments: [2]
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