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Cuore di un Phoenix
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It all started with a video
I'm writing this blog because I hope to soon make this into a Vlog. When I finally have a moment to myself, that is.

Recently, I watched a video on YouTube. Just a fan made video. A couple of my fellow Juggalettes were rockin out to some Dark Lotus. The song was "b***h I'm Sexy". They were just gettin into it, havin fun and s**t. I left them a comment. I don't remember exactly what I said but something about "Hell yeah, way to rep the hatchet!" Cuz that's all their doing, just showing their support.

Then the other day... I noticed another fellow Juggalo of mine, The Boy Blue, shares this video with me. Why the hell he showed it to me, I don't know. HOPEFULLY not because he actually agrees with it!

This video is basically a response to these girls making their b***h I'm Sexy video. Apparently, this guy actually has a problem with it. Sitting there ranting about his disgust with the video. Basically, he says that these girls are just a bunch of nerds and they need to get a life, and that they're all ugly anyway.

Tell me, ninjas, does that sound like a true juggalo to you? To sit there and make a video bashing people that are supposed to be your comrades like that, just for repping the hatchet in their own way? So they're a bunch of ugly nerds and they need to get a life?

Let me quote one of the Juggalettes in this video, Miss Sparkles, who said this in her video, "To anyone who dissed the b***h I'm Sexy video"

"So all of you people that are saying 'oh some of them are too fat, some are too skinny' too fat, too skinny, that should not be in a Juggalo's ******** vocabulary. Too ANYTHING shouldn't even be in your ******** head. A ******** Juggalo is perfect. End of story."

Same goes for everything else. "They're too ugly, they're a bunch of nerds, they need to get a life"

Now, I don't even know Miss Sparkles, havent met her or talked to her, but I gotta say, I still agree with her. Because in the eyes of true Juggalos, we are perfection. Why? Because we're family. We know we're all different, but true Juggalos know that it doesn't ******** matter. You can be whoever the ******** you are around your Juggalo family. They don't give a ******** how different you are, because in a way, that's what binds us together. We have different minds, different thoughts, appearances, but what's within our hearts is the same. And that is all that matters. Not a damn thing more.

So, for that guy to make a video talking all that s**t, and then go "I know I'm a true juggalo blah blah I'm in a room full of true Juggalos" makes him a ******** hypocrite. Not only that, but he contradicted himself. How can you call yourself a true juggalo and make a video bashing other Juggalos for just being themselves? He's implying that you have to act a certain way to be a juggalo. Well then, obviously you don't know the true meaning at all.

Another thing that pissed me off. In his video, he goes "I bet you Violent J goes on YouTube in types in juggalos, ICP, Dark Lotus, blah blah and sees these videos. And you know what he says? I'll tell you exactly what he says: Cha-Ching! Cuz he really doesn't give a s**t about you, he just wants all your money! You're just another d**k-riding hoe to him!"
Are you ******** kidding me. Dude, have you not paid attention at all? He even stated clearly in Thy Unveiling that: It isn't a ******** fan club. It's not about making a buck. He does not care if you own the action figures, the shirts, the necklace, or even a single piece of merchandise. That s**t does not ******** matter to him or any true juggalo for that matter. For you to even say something like that is unbelieveable.

I even left him a comment. I said:
"I'm sorry, but I need to say my two cents. The fact that your judging people like this and bashing them because they do what they do makes me question the fact you claim to be a true juggalo. A Juggalo is about being yourself and doing you, regardless of what people say. You don't have to be a certain way."

You know what he does? He responds to my comment. All he could say was "******** you!" Then he flags my comment and marks it as spam. Wow. And so I comment back. I say:
"Funny how that's all you can say and you decide to flag my comment just because you can't handle the truth. It doesn't freaking matter how people rep the hatchet. And the fact that you're saying things like 'they're a bunch of nerds and they need to get a life" just for supporting the Psychopathic Family makes you a phony. You can call yourself a true juggalo all you want, but if you make videos bashing people that are supposed to be your comrades, you never really will be. Take your judgements elsewhere."

Cus that's the reality of it. The world is already mean and judgemental enough, we don't need our so called "comrades" to be bashing us too. Because if you can't count on them, who the ******** can you count on? For some people, Juggalo family is the only thing they have to count on. Not other people, not your relatives, not even your ******** cat, who just sits there on the leg of the chair and stares at you like you're a ******** moron anyway!

And what's worse, is that people are actually leaving comments saying they agree with him! Talking about some "these people need to get it through their ******** heads that ICP and Dark Lotus and all those people don't give a s**t about you" then they turn around and go "MMFWCL to the guy that made this video"
Dude, WTF. Do you even know WTF that even means? Do you know what it even really symbolizes? Obviously not, so don't even bother writing out those letters at all, you ******** hypocrites.

I actually applaud those girls for making that video. Because that shows they love themselves and are happy with themselves. They don't give a ******** what people think, because if they gave two squirts of piss, they wouldnt have uploaded that video at all. But there it is! On YouTube!

So you can call yourself a true juggalo all you want, but with an attitude like yours, you never will be. Not until you get your act together and learn the real meaning.

Ugh i can't stand people like that. Leave them the ******** alone and let them do their thing. Go look in the mirror and judge your own damn self, Juggahoe.

And that's all I got to say about that... for now.

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