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The Pesky Plumber Super Force #11: Rick Rolled!
Nothing happened previously

But lets see what happens in this cheesy 80s episode of......
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Wario: Lets see whats on Youtube.... oh this video looks cool its called: "proof that you are a terrorist"

Wario: *clicks* Oh GOD ITS HORRIBLE! gonk

(At Mario's basement)

Gaara: Ok Bush, pull one card..... like this see?

Bush: *pulls card*

Gaara: Then you stick it up your a** until you need it.

Bush: smile

Gaara: but if you still lose the game then you TAKE THE CARD AND THROW IT AT THEM :Scream:

Mario: yup.

Gaara: And thats how you play Poker biggrin

Chrome: I thought you stick it up the nose...... sad

*door slams open*


Luigi: What what what?

Wario: well i was like watching a really funny video and then it happened!

Mario: O...M...G

Bush: thats horrible-dible!!!!

Gaara: Don't you see what this means?! It means someone wants to kill us!

Chrome: but who would wanna chop our asses off? I mean we never do anything that makes people want to kill us. *drool*

Bush: heh heh heh yeah wait uhhhhhhhhhh

*all plumbers go deep into thought*

Luigi: lets check out the video lol.

Wario: *pant* yeah that could be it


Wario: This table hockey is awesome wait what were we doing again?

Chrome: *from another room* Oh GOD ITS HORRIBLE!

Mario: Oh no lets see what it is!

Gaara: OMG!

Wario: Thats the Video!

Luigi: KILL ME!

Bush: cry

(Copy and paste into Url bar to experience their Horror)

Chrome: Don't you guys know what just happened!


Chrome: we have been... *dramatic zoom in*


Luigi: eek

Mario: eek

Gaara: eek

Wario: eek

Bush: eek

Bush: Oh noes!

Gaara: This is a c**k sucker!

Mario: What are we gonna do?

Wario: pffft. what do you think we are going on a ridiculous adventure for no reason to kill Rick Astley the star of that demon music video!

Chrome: i was gonna say shoot at cops for a few hours, but thats a way better typical plot and script! Lets do it!

Mario: Yahoo!(tm)

Bush: No advertising!

Mario: ah man.......


Chrome: Ok uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I know, did you guys pack your s**t? biggrin

Gaara: Yeah smile

Luigi: Yes

Mario and Bush: *nod*

Wario: biggrin

Tom Cruise: Yes *nerdy laugh*

Chrome: biggrin *shoots* lets go!

*all hold hands and skip off*

(At Rick Rolls evil palace)

Rick Astley: *hiss* I have a feeling someone wants to kill me.......

(Back to Plumbers)

Wario: Wait were does Rick Astley even live?

Gaara: lol what do you think rolleyes Detriot

Luigi: And where are we?

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Chrome: Do'h hold hands again!

(5 hours later)

Chrome: Wow look at all the crime theres a cop chasing a cop because one cop stole from a robber biggrin

Wario: Cool! smile

Bush: heh heh heh I sure do suck at running the country 4laugh

Gaara: someone robbed my Spaghetti!

Robber: tehe! *spayed and neutered by sand* oof!..who didn't see that coming.... *die*

Mario: Dude, we should like lol try to find the palace.

Emos: ah a follower! *points at Chrome*

Emo1: welcome fellow emo!

Chrome: evil

Luigi: lol


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Chrome: Lets go!

(1 minute later)

Gaara: Tehe *pays money to stripper*

Luigi: Wait what are we doing?

Chrome: Filling up time!

Mario: you know i forgot what we were mad at......

*giant TV screen placed for no reason starts playing Rick Roll*

All Plumbers: scream

(At Rick Astley's Evil Palace)

Rick Astley: *playing your least favorite game* Oh someones knocking on the door.


Rick Astley: Oh ha ha.............. I V-Want to suck your blood vlah!

Luigi: Falcon.....PUNCH!!!

Rick Astley: oof *die*

Gaara: wow that was easy

Chrome: look theres a note! *trys to read* uuuuuh this isn't the uuuuhhhhhhh

Chrome: uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh

Luigi: Get on with it.

all plumbers: Get on with it!

Chrome: uuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *fart*


Chrome: "This isn't the real me". There! gosh i was trying to be dramatic!

Wario: Is that a good thing?

Chrome: In Canada it is....

Gaara: But we don't live in Canada....

All Plumbers: eek

To be Continued.

Will The plumbers complete their quest?
Will these be released be faster?
Do they live in Canada?

Find out on the next....
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    Ethereal Euphoria
    Community Member

    Sat May 24, 2008 @ 03:01am


    Community Member

    Wed May 28, 2008 @ 04:04am

    ya hurry up and get to the next one........... it was awsome............ by da way.............. y r u asking me all of these questions in the end of the Pesky Plumber Super Force? u should be telling me rofl

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