I guess I took my "best at being lazy" statement a little too far. I've been neglecting this pencil and journal notebook for almost an entire week. I've been imagining what it would be like if I suddenly died -- well, that would be extreme; I'll make it something less...like having a random seizure -- in class. I realize it's far unlikely to occur, unless I come over with epilepsy. Here's how I pictured it:

I'm having a seizure, so everyone is staring at me. Good attention, bad attention: It doesn't matter to me because it's all amazing attention. I'm sure that the seizure would be something to remember because it would be coming from me. Then, I'd be rushed to the hospital to make sure I was all right.

I realize having a seizure is a very serious thing, and I would never hope to get one.

My mind's been blank for these past days; I don't know what to write. I haven't seen any snakes or blood, and I haven't had any interesting dreams or nightmares. The most memorable dream I had was of me, stranded in the ocean, about to be eaten by a shark. You might call it a nightmare, but it's just a dream to me; it wasn't that scary, and I wasn't startled by it.