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If you can read this, you have too much time on your hands.
The Glory of Hindsight
Listening to: Yuri the Only One, by L33tStr33t Boys

Ah, the first year of my college career is over. And, contrary to my first beliefs, a lot of things have happened, mostly (and to my great joy) on the positive side. Let's see, what all happened...

Well, it started well before my senior year in high school even ended. When I was really young, I had wanted to go to college as far away from my parents as I could. I don't remember why, I just did. But as I progressed through high school, I gradually wanted to go to school closer to home. Many factors played a part in this, money, time, friends, etc. I ended up being accepted into three different schools: Cal State Fullerton, a mere ten minutes away, Cal State Northridge, barely an hour away, and Humboldt State University, all the way up in northern California, almost Oregon. My friends wanted me to go to CSF, my elders wanted me to attend HSU. I didn't want to go to CSN in the first place, so that was immediately cut. Even so, a very long, emotional battle ensued, almost ripping a friendship or two apart, and driving my mother insane. In the end, however, my mother won out, and I departed for Humboldt. Needless to say, I was kinda down, but I was also a little hopefull. Maybe it wouldn't be as bad as I thought.

And I was wrong. Well, at least at first. I would leave my room only for classes and food, and spend the rest inside, usually on gaia, aim, and eventually facebook, trying to keep in constant touch with my friends, or at least my three best friends. However, thanks to a little thing I like to call baseball, I began to meet new people. I met my two best friends up here, and eventually a third. And from this base of three people, I began to meet a lot of different people, of many different backgrounds. And, remarkably enough, most of them accepted me. This occured moreso the second semester than the first, but oh well.

Being on my own with no parents to nag me, I began to make some stupid mistakes. First of all, I traveled to Sacramento alone to visit my friend at her archery tournament. Admitted, it was a ton of fun (and one hell of a workout: never rollerblade through Discovery Park, your ankles will die). But it was such a big waste of money, it wasn't even funny. I had been introduced to money management. Tied in with that, I began spending money on overall pointless things (random trips to the mall for DDR, eating out way to much, a Nintendo DS, Pokemon Diamond, a Rock Band guitar, and Dynasty Warriors 6). And I kept forgetting to record my expidentures in my checkbook, leaving me open to unbalanced funds. Similar to the Sacramento trip, I began going with my friends on long fishing trips, where I usually ended up being the only person coming back empty handed. Like Sacramento, they were all great, but so much money down the drain. I also got my first ticket on the way back to school from an away trip for baseball. It was approaching midnight, and we were less than an hour away from school, and we all wanted to get there and get to sleep, and then I got pulled over. Woohoo. Then I even cracked, and got drunk at a party (granted, at least I discovered I could hold my liquor), at which two of my friends got into a huge fight (although it was patched up), and my car got dented when a friend backed into it. Oh yeah.

On the classes side, they weren't too bad. The thing I had trouble with most was math, and even then, I've pulled off B's both times, but otherwise gotten A's. First time that's happened in a while. Well, at least I proved to myself that I can make things happen if I try. And because of a major change and my high school AP scores, I get to take my first upper division class next semester. I hear it's a tough class, but I think I can do it.

On the side, I ended up balancing three things: baseball, fishing, and hanging out playing (in order of frequency) Rock Band, Call of Duty 4, Halo 3, and Dynasty Warriors 6. Although baseball got me credits for school, it isn't run that way, and I was really dissapointed with the coaching. Anywho, we'll have a new one next year, and I hope he does better. And I swear, I've been fishing more times here than most people do in a lifetime. And I've still got at least three years left! Maybe more. On that note, four of my friends have officially gotten the keys to their houses for next year, and one of them killed to birds with one stone: got an alcohol connection for parties, and got a girls number. Things really worked out for all of them, while I'm stuck living on campus. Oh well, less gas, I have a single room, and the others will all have cars next year, so that's a lot less stress on me.

I could keep going on and on about this past year forever. But I won't bore you with all that, so I think I'll end about here. All I got left to do is finish packing, move the stuff I'm leaving up here into my buddies house, and then head home to see my friends and family for the summer. I can't wait!


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