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Ahema's notebook
Vampire Kiss Ch. 1
The year is 1998, the pastel leaves shimmer in the morning dew. Several reflect in the full moon in the starry sky. A quiet, drifting cloud decided to float over half of the giant sphere, casting an eerie shadow over the forest floor. Something stirred in the bushes, a fat, fluffy, Grey squirl made its way out of the labyrinth of the branches, scurrying on all fours near him to find something to eat. It had no idea that it was being hunted. Silver eyes that seemed to shine in the low light stared at the poor creature from a wide oak tree. The viewers body almost seamed to be hanging upside down, as it shifted its large wings ready to attack. As gently as before, the little cloud moved on its way lazily following the light breeze. The almost devilish creature's body glowed in the full moon light. Its torso was bare showing tight muscles under its nearly white skin. Its hands clasped onto the hanging chains on his Tripp pants, to keep them from dangling down. Large bony wings, half bent, stretched silently casting a wide unknowable shadow over the cute animal still trying to find its lost acorn. Other than the wings and the silver eyes, the being seemed nearly human. Not even a full man yet by the looks of it. He opened his mouth wide showing long skinny sharp fangs as he took in the sweet tasting air in a yawn. His bare feet dropped from the limb of the tree after the stretch, and his wings spread more to keep him from dropping to the ground. The boy grabbed the creature up. The squirl, who still didn't know what was happening, squirmed a little until fangs cracked its spine in half. the crack sent a wave of sharp pain to its brain, who could barely process the information before the blood rushed out of its little body. The dead stiff body of the squirl dropped and bounced, now half of its original body weight, from the boys jaws and landed right next to a hidden acorn under the tree root. A train of red blood dripped down his neck as the boy turned to leave for the city to hide from the light of the dreadful sun.

The sun quickly came up and a girl around 15 years old got into the back of a blue Ford car in the driveway of a normal house. A nice plump woman sat on the drivers seat, starting the engine for the day as the radio played a song from the backstreet boys. The car rolled out of the drive way, down the black paved road of the quite city, where hardly anything exciting happens, and five minutes later pulled in front of a brick school building. the front lawn was full of students in high school waiting on the grass, and the few benches available, for the bell to ring so the doors can open. The girl opened the door using one hand to keep her school uniform skirt from blowing up by the passing cars
only one kid ran down to great her. A boy in her same grade that was a huge dork. She didn't mind the fact that he idols her, but her old friends as soon as they got word she hangs out with him, ditched her for people who where not friends with him. apparently they didn't want to catch the 'bacteria' that they had.

the boy quickly entered the nearest building he could find threw a second story window that was partly open. the room he crawled in was a bathroom. there were seven stalls and the tiles on the ground were a light peachy color. searching around for a nice moist cubbyhole for him to nap in he found one in the corner with a strong pipe leading into the wall. he smiled jumping up and grabbing it with his hands well swinging his legs up to hook onto the painted metal with his feet. when he had a firm grasp with his toes he dropped his hands, grabbing onto the chains from his pants and folded his black wings around his white body to take a nap. the blood drying on his lips.

the girl smiled at her friend. "so what are we going to do today? she asked
'' i was hoping you would join me in making a duel helix but its up to you Nikki' the nerd said shyly.
"OK, what time and room?"
"300, upstairs at lunch OK?" the boy with pimples said smiling at her
"fine by me" she smiled back and headed closer to the door waiting to hear the bell ring.

Finally dosing off the boy snuggled his wings closer to his body to keep warm. a loud alarm rang threw his ears causing him to fall down onto his back. "oww... god damn it" he cursed with a heavy Irish accent climbing back onto the pipe to rest some more now more aware that there was a ring that could startle him.

"yay the bell rang" Nikki was rather quick in the halls because she doeskin meet or chat to anyone before heading to class. the hours went by fast and at lunch she headed upstairs to use the bathroom and craft the DNA strand with her friend.

the vampire didn't have very many disturbances. no one ever goes to the back of the bathroom unless they have to. several people came into the small room but the wall was jaunting out by the sink and the shower was on the other side where the vampire was resting. the curtain wasn't on its hooks from the years of people tearing it off. he didn't see the humans or hear them. the wings blocked out most sound that reached his ears.

the girl entered the closest bathroom and walked without thinking to the last stall in the row. the one that was a little past the sinks and faced the showers, assumed to be empty.

the boy stretched his wings in time to notice a girl. his eyes went wide with shock and he whispered to himself "Ive been in a girls bathroom?!?''

the girl finished and opened the stall door zipping the side of her skirt up. before she looked forward to a boy hanging upside down with wings hiding most of his body. her eyes went wide for a moment not knowing what to do or what to say.

the vampire didn't say anything for a while knowing humans were not subject able to things out of the ordinary. he shuffled his wings a bit to a more comfortable position drooping one hand to ruffle his hair wondering what to do until he couldn't stand the quietness. sighing he spoke in his thick accent to the startled human. "umm... sorry i didn't know that this was a girls bathroom... i just got here...''

she finally got her mouth to form words. ''what are you?!?" she asked in a rather firm voice.

he smiled "a lovable cute slightly fluffy vampire!" he said stretching his wings wider to show his body a bit more.

her eyes went a bit wider and a slight smile curved her face. "lovable? arn't vampires supposed to be evil?"

the boy smiled a bit. "i guess... but if i was evil how come your not dead yet?"

"true... then why are you here? don't you have a house??"

"i go into buildings like this one so i can stay out of the sun... its bad for my skin. and i don't stay in a city for to long. humans seem to hate folks like me even in this era..."

Nikki turned her head to the side to have a better look at him. "if you weren't so big or liked blood i would say you could stay at my place...''

his eyes stopped wondering around and he looked her strate in the eyes. "i don't bite hosts, intact in vampire terms we have to be your slave until you say for us to leave but even then we may not kill you." he didn't really feel like running around looking for more places to stay.

"if you promise not to bite me then ill try to help you out. i just don't know how to sneak you onto the bus when your half naked" she said licking her thumb to clean his neck off. "and also your wings will be a nuisance."

"i can shrink... and i can probably hide in that bag of yours. but...'' he looked away "my pants don't shrink with me"

her face became a little red before she remembered her kitty hanging off of her bag. she studied the skirt on it and carefully cut the string that held it on. "is this big enough for you?"

his eye kind of twitched. the skirt was red with white lace along the bottom. "yeah.. i could use that...'' he sighed and dropped down from the pipe landing on his feet. the chains clanged a bit.

she smiled handing him the small skirt. "why don't you go into the stall and shrink then"

he grabbed it and closed the baby blue door. in his smaller form he quickly got his hind legs into the skirt and pined a safety pin from his pants pocket in the back to make sure it was tight enough and wouldn't slip off. he then poked his head from under the door. his entire face was furry and looked almost fox like. his eyes were wider but still silvery with long deli cat ears on the top of his head. the boys body looked close to a bats only that he had two front legs so he looked more like a rat with wings and a very short tail. his head wasn't even an inch long.

the girl was startled a bit but laughed soon afterwords. "you look to cute in that skirt! by the way what do you call yourself?"

'Jake,' he said sitting on her shoe.
the voice didn't come from his mouth and was directed only to her ears

''that's a pritty name," she picked him up as carefully as she could and reached under the door for his pants. Nikki set him on her shoulder so she could fold his pants up and put them in her bag. "i might be able to keep you out if your still. you might pass as a stuffed animal.'' she smiled setting him on top of the bag at her side so she could use both hands.

'OK, i wont then. or better yet can i slide into this side pocket?' he leaned over the side to a zipper pocket.

''sure if you can fit'' she smiled leaving the bathroom.

Jake pulled out a square yellow package that was bigger than him. 'do you need this?' he asked not knowing what it was used for.

she quickly grabbed it''yes... i do'' Nikki shoved it into her other pockets making her way to 6th hour because the bell already rang.

only his head and arms hang out of the bag. his eyes started to droop from the rocking motion of her hips. Jake slept for a while with his pink toung sticking out of his mouth until he got plopped to the ground by a desk. he quickly scurried up the leg of it to sit onto by her paper. Jake looked rather cute in the skirt in his small form

Nikki was startled by Jake a bit but was soon put to work by the teacher who was making them write an essay.

Jake's eyes started to droop but he had to sit up on the desk to pretend to be a doll. but that was really heard listening to the scratching of pens and pencils on paper. his head started to fall forward his eyes completely closed now.

Nikki picked him up and set him on her lap so that the other students don't stare at him for to long and realize it was alive.

Jake curled up into a ball and started to fall asleep with the small sent of blood in the air.

Nikki was distracted by him and started to pet him gently with one finger.

every time her finger came close to his mouth his toung would lick her skin automatically feeling the small vessels of blood in her skin.

Nikki smiled turning him over gently to rub his belly

he smiled in his sleep kicking at her hand like a dog would but not hurting her. apparently he likes his belly rubbed to much and the skirt was rising a bit.

Nikki noticed and stopped petting him all together blushing.

Jake opened his eyes wondering why she stopped. then his heart beat went up and his wings began to grow larger.

knowing he was getting heaver, she looked down at her lap in confusion.

'damn, im transforming! and there's no windows in this room!' Jake couldn't stop his transformation.

her face turned redder noticing that he was naked other than the skirt that he was outgrowing. She couldn't just leave class and she didn't really want a naked boy sitting on her hap that she just met!!

Jake growled a bit before shrinking his wings into his back so he didn't look weard(er) to the other humans. that was the only thing he could do at the moment

not knowing what to do, Nikki buried her blood red face in her hands.

as soon as his legs straitened out more, he looked up towards the cealing noticing that the tiles were loose above them and got ready to jump. Jake was already the size of a small monkey, looking back at the girl, a strange urge dashed threw his thoughts. before he jumped he moved her hands from in
front of her face and kissed her lips passionately. the tiles moved rather easily and he could squeeze hes body threw them with ease.

Nikki's eyes went wide with shock, and her brain raced in an even tempo with her fastly beating heart. 'why the hell did a vampire kiss me?!!!?' was one of her questions. looking around she saw everyone quietly working on there papers not noticing anything around them.

Jake had slipped out of his skirt that she lent him before he got to big and kept hold of it sliding into an air duct that had a little more room to move around in. he was still rather excited from the belly rub and was starting to hurt from the delayed pleasure.

the final school bell rant and everyone rushed out of the door to leave and have fun. Nikki was still deep in thought wondering if she even saw a vampire. her mother was parked on the other side of the road to avoid the mad rush of moms in the circle drive. when she got home she finished the little homework she had before heading to bed to nap.

finding a nice look out to the sky above without actually being in sunlight, Jake watched thunderous clouds sweep over the bright star. he smiled spreading his wings now on the roof of the empty school. Jake took off into the sky far above the human line of vision following Nikki's sent home so he can get his pants back from her school bag. just his luck, the attic window was open so he invited himself inside. dusty boxes and trophies filled the room. nails projected from the slanted cealing so to keep from tearing up his fragile wings he shrank them into his pale skin. a trap door lead to the second story of the house. listening carefully to the heartbeats inside of the building he accurately guessed where she and her mom was.

Nikki was laying on the bed still, naked under the red blanket that matched her room. her bag from school hidden under them as well. her mother was doing dishes on the first floor.

Jake smiled pulling the trap door open and dropping onto the carpet. sniffing the air he found the study that was on the second floor and looked for her bag. 'not here... and the next room she visited is the one shes in now...' he thought to himself. taking the risk he slowly opened the door of her room.

she turned in her sleep hearing the door creek open, pulling the blanket accidentally down to her wast. on her back her bare chest rose and fell with each breath she took.

Jake froze. The little blood in his body flowed faster than before. not many humans get him feeling like that twice in a day.

her mom walked up the stairs to check on her daughter for what she wanted for supper.

Hearing the footsteps, Jake looked around for the nearest place to hide. the closet was no good, it was packed with boxes and cloths. the only other place he spotted was under the bed so he dove under the bed Nikki was laying on.

the mom peered into the room sighing.''Nikki, if your going to sleep like that at least keep the door shut.''
Nikki opened her eyes yawning. "i thought i did.''
anyway... what do you want to eat? i have stuff for chicken noodle, beef strogenoff, or spaghetti." she sat on the edge of the bed, accidentally sitting on the school bag. "oww... you sleep with your books?" she said kiddingly as Nikki put on pajamas.

Having his foot squished was not fun, or the fact he was now even hornier.

Opening her child's bag, Jakes pants were neatly folded on top. "oh? who's are these?" she asked as Nikki sat down beside her. Realizing the vampire did exist, Nikki spoke the first thing from her mind. "m friend is letting me borrow them for now."

'liar...' Jake thought to Nikki and him, moving to a more comfortable position.

Nikki jumped a bit from Jakes answer looking around looking for him.
"whats the matter? something bite you?'' the mother laughed closing her bag "so what do you want?"
"oh um... spaghetti please.''
mom got up to cook the meal for the small family, closing the door behind her.
Nikki got up looking around her room and in her bathroom for the vampire.

"are you sure you went to find me how i am now?" he asked her before she thought to look under the bed.

"why the hell are you in my room?!?" she asked panicking a bit, turning around in her room looking for more places a person can hide.

"I wanted my pants back...''

Nikki calmed down a little and jumped on her bed "did you pull my blanket down then?"

all the air escaped his lungs making it even harder to breath.

Startled, Nikki slid off of her bed, looking under the matrices and saw the pale skin of Jake.

Coughing to put air back in his chest, he pulled his torso out from under the bed so that the dust didn't make him cough more.

Nikki pulled his arms to help him get out from under the bed but stopped when she saw his lower back.

his skin was a grayish and his blood vessels shown threw his skin in black lines across his body. "i ... didn't, you pulled the blanket off.''

''you don't look to good, is something wrong?" she asked ignoring the fact he saw her boobs.

"no, just hungry is all...'' he said turning over on his back still half under the bed. Jakes eyes were dark and small fangs projected over his lower lip

if you want i can probably sneak up a bowl of spaghetti...'' she said wanting to help

he just smiled weakly. "vampire remember?"

she didn't really want him to bite her. not unknowing what to do she just starred at the black carpet.

Jake reached up grabbing his jeans. his nails were turning black and long. "i can last 25 hours in this state if i don't move very much.''

Nikki was still thinking. "does it have to be human?"

"its better if it is."

"better how, taste or health wise?"

"both," he said closing his eyes "are there people at your school that you don't like?"

"well yeah... but do they die after? Do they turn into vampires too?"

"i can control how much i take. and no, they cannot'' Jake was getting rather tired.

Nikki stood up "stay here, ill go make a few calls'' she dashed out of her room to the nearest phone.

Jake climbed onto the bed still naked pulling the blanket up over his lower half. the pillows and blankets were so warm and soft with the light sent of Nikki weaved within the blood red cloth made him close his eyes into a light peaceful sleep.

Nikki called one of the rather stupid preps at school that she knew and told her to come over to her house so she can tell her all of the weard things that she and her nerd friend do together.
"... i know how much you want to tell the others about the crazy experiments that we thinking up and i know you guys are getting bored by the information that you already have, so why don't you come over to my house and pretend to like me so i can tell you all my embarrassing secrets...''
"oh really! like im so there!" the phone beeped indicating Sarah had hung up.
Nikki smiled realizing how easy that was and went back to her room to chat with her new friend.

Jake was on his back with his arms lazily spread out. a happy trail lead from his belly button down. the red blanket just barely covered himself up.

Nikkis face again turned red. the blood pumped threw her body.

Jake woke up feeling the thump of her heart. "you can stay there if you want, just don't imagine anything lower than the blanket." he smiled turning to look at her.

Nikki turned her head away. " who said i wanted to?" she said quickly.

he just smiled turning his head to look at the cealing. "are they coming?"

"yeah she should be here soon she doesn't live that far away. . what if she remembers you? how are we going to explain that your a vampire?

shell forget very much like you tried. you didn't think i was actually there when you looked around and saw that everyone was working. you thought before your mother opened your bag that you were daydreaming, correct?"

"well yeah, but that's only because i thought vampires didn't exist."

I'm here arnt i? its a government conspiracy they hate freaks like me."

"but your not a freak."

"they think anything or anybody that could harm the people they run or control is a threat that shouldn't be introduced to your ears. why do you think you don't hear stories in the newspaper with this heading *3 dead, no blood! a bloodsucker, or a wannabe teen!!*"

Nikki pulled the blanket up a bit higher so he wasn't cold realizing all that he said was true. hearing the doorbell ring she headed down stairs to bring her 'friend' up.

Jake just layed there still, the lights were off and the flashing outside shown in threw the curtained window.

heading up the stairs she had to think fast of a way on how to get Sarah close to Jake with out having her freak out. "oh heres on thing, i still sleep with my dead boyfriend. wanna see?"
"sure!" the prep said opening the door thinking her boyfriend was a blow up doll.
"um... is his skin supposed to be striped?" she said looking at the black veins.
"yeah, why don't you go poke him, its really fun!"

Jake couldn't help but smile a little. 'didn't think humans were that dumb' he told Nikki

unaware of what was going on Sarah walked closer to the 'dead body' before turning around to see why Nikki wasn't following her inside.

Jake swung his legs over the side of the bed before standing up directly behind the girl in the pink mini skirt.

Nikki turned her head blushing slightly from seeing more than she really wanted. the prep just looked at her funny.

hungry, Jake sniffed her neck before wrapping one arm around her belly and the other to keep her from moving her neck to much.

starting to wish she never called anyone Nikki stood there about ready to drool from how romantic he behaved.
Sarah was frozen with fear, she really wanted to scream for help.

before she could scream, Jake opened his mouth wide, sinking his two k9 fangs into her pulsing neck. the desired red blood flowed down his hungry mouth bringing color back to his skin.

her eyes started to droop and her head fell to one side from the sudden loss of energy in her body.

Jake pulled his fangs out licking the blood that slowly dripped out. "for full power, three hole humans are needed just to let you know."

"s...so that was just a snack? is she dead?"

''no, shes not dead, just sleeping. And yes that was just a snack." Jake sat down on the bed, letting the prep fall to the floor, and rested his elbows on his knees looking down at the floor.

Nikki starred at him for a while, unable to look away.

Jake looked up wondering why she didn't say anything before realizing he was still naked.

turning her head, red as a beat, Nikki starred at the door jam with the image still in her mind.

getting up to put his pants back on, he moved the sleeping human onto the bed zipping his pants up. "sorry, i forgot i wasn't covered...''

"i...its fine...''
"NIKKI! supper time!!!"" her mom yelled up the stairs.

"i guess ill get going... if you want i can drop her off at her house." he said heading to the window.

"please don't go..... your the only one that actually talks to me." she said almost about to cry.

Jake smiled cairingly. "then I'll come back after i bring her home and take another bite from someone.''

Nikki smiled.
"hey , did you hear me? suppers done, better come down before it gets to cold."
she turned around to head down the stairs to eat. "oh and please stay out of m moms site... she would freak..."

"alright, ill stay hidden from her then.
Jake grabbed the human before opening the window and jumping out onto the small roof over the front porch. his wings spread from being dormant inside of his body before he jumped off the roof flying in the storm towards the girls house.

Nikki dashed down stairs happier than a box of chocolate and sat down at her spot by the glass table in the kitchen.

"somethings either bit you or stung you cuz this is not my kid.'' her mom laughed "so why are you so happy?"

Jake quickly found her house and layed her on the porch before ringing the doorbell and leaving for home. the fact he could sorta say home made him feel sorta glad. "no more running from family, no more running from humans... this is awesome...''

"oh come on mom, you know i hear you with your vibrator all the time" Nikki kidded
"but its different when i do it. you probably don't know how to use one!" her mother joked back slurping up her saucy noodles like an overgrown kid making Nikki laugh

Jake overheard the conversation as he opened the window to climb back inside 'so that's whats inside the black box under her bed...' he told himself as he realized his pants were dripping wet from the storm outside.

the lights flickered before going off as Nikki was finnishing her last bites of food.
"wow, its a heavy storm ant it'' her mom said "help me find some candle.''

Jake turned round looking back out the window seeing a man messing with some wires outside with a rifle in his hand.
shutting the curtains before the theft could see inside, Jake started down the stairs under the cover of darkness.

Nikki felt around for some candles by the couch and found a rather big one they can light first useing the stove.

coming up behind her he put his arms around her middle to bring her closer to his mouth. "don't move, someones outside with a gun, if you light them you will be easier to shot at.''

she got startled a bit by Jake but realized it was him as soon as he spoke. ''oh ill tell my mom, but shell still like to light them...''

''alright, ill be on the stairs so she doesn't see me.'' Jake moved silently siting halfway up the stairs.

Nikki told her mom that she saw someone outside the window with a gun as the lightning flashed
"your just saying that cuz i let you watch that scary movie'' the mom lit two candles in her hand. "and why are you wet?"
"the window was open so i shut it''

'she knows your hiding something, how can you shut the window and get your back wet?'Jake could hear the back door of the house slowly open and he worked his way up the stairs to hide more from the light.

Nikki saw Jake and stood closer to her mother scared.

the man held up his gun pointing it at the two. "sit down now!"

her mother gasped Nikki just sat down at the dining room table. not sitting down her mother stupidly yelled at the man to get out.

feeling undominant he pointed the gun towards Nikki and shot her in the arm"shut up... and sit....'' he said crazily

Nikki screamed in pain feeling her arm brake from the bullet. her mother flung her arms around Nikki sitting at the chair next to her.

a low deep growl shook the house the air seemed to stand still, as the smell of Nikkis blood reached Jakes nose
"wheres the dog? call him down n let me shoot it!"

even Nikki was starteled from the rumbling growl. "we don't have a dog...'' the mom said scarred.
"but we have something worse...'' Nikki said holding her bleeding arm.

Jake appererd behind the confused human. his ears were long and pointed back looking a lot like horns and his eyes were turning red with anger. a low grow escaped his mouth which showed several rows of sharp fangs similar to a piranhas.

Nikki clutched her eyes shut afraid of what his new form looked like.

the theft turned around and jumped planting both feet firmly on the ground when he saw Jakes unhumanness. a single crack rang threw every ones ears.

Nikki quickly placed her hands on her ears

Jake grimaced a bit before taking the hot barrel of the gun in his hand and slowly bent it back. black blood slowly drained from his belly.
the guy couldn't move. the mouth of the gun was pointed at his own head.
after a little and tired of waiting Jake pushed the gun to the side and fiercely bit down deep into the mans neck, splattering blood everywhere.

a few drops landed on Nikkis face. tears rolled down her cheeks.

the body shriveled up after all the blood inside of it drained, and started to drop in a similar way Sarah was. Jakes mouth was covered in the warm red liquid as he went over to Nikki to wipe the splatter from her cheek with his thumb.

Nikki smacked his hand away and jumped out of her chair crying harder heading upstairs to her room.

Jake's eyes widened not quite understanding why she did that but they soon turned to empty white hollows.

the mother finally summoned enough currage to speak "w...what are you?"

Jake turned around and headed for the door giving her only two firm words
''a freak''

*End of ch. 1*

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