*Daos runs into SPI -14. Seeing the glowing eyes, he backs the fleeing vice president into the wall*

Daos: Who in the nine hells are you....WHAT are you......And what have you done to Jad...

SPI -14: Heheheh... You can call me Zealot. Jad is standing before you, his body under my control... anything you try to do to me will hurt Jad... and if you kill him, I'll simply jump to a new host...

Daos: Zealot....What are you....But...I'm the only other person here......

SPI -14: Me? I am... an Aethran... a creature of mind mastery... My people... gave Jad to me in his early days on Gaia... And an Aethran adult can dominate any mind... save a few, like that accursed girl -11! Why is the Siofra immune?! when Jad was suspicious, I was going to take over her, but now, a suitable mind has presented itself... I've never tried anything Demonic before...

Daos: Jad.....I know you can here me!! Focus...Fight Zealot!!

Fool! He's far too weak! Wait...

*Zealot turns to the left doorway when a blast of arcane energy hits him, followed by a very angry looking Siofra.*

SPI -11: Gotcha, body snatcher!

*Zealot squirms on the ground*

Zealot: What did you do, witch?!

SPI -11: I entangled you. That body can't move until I release it.

Zealot: I'll just take Daos then!

* blue energy leaps from Jad towards Daos, but hits something invisible. it slowly is squished into a ball.*

SPI -11: Now you have no control at all!

*SPI -11 moves her hands intricately and symbols appear around the blue ball.*

Zealot: W-What are you doing?!

SPI -11: I'm going to give 550 a superball. that's what I'm doing! Daos! Make sure -14's free.

Daos: Yes Ma'am!

Daos (To -14): Sir...-14....Jad! Are you ok?

SPI -14: I have the worst headache ever... And I've been to a Siofra New year's party...

Zealot: You can't do this!

SPI -11 (darkly): Oh, but I can, and I will. You share the fate of anyone who hurts my Jad!

Daos(to -14): New yea- Nevermind sir.....YOu better relax

Daos(To -11): Ma'am...It might be best if you were to just capture him and lock him up....And question him, then his fate could be decided.....

SPI -11: Daos, I will only say this once. Aetherans are not the type of creatures that could apply to. They are bloodthirsty, evil creatures that must be sealed away as soon as possible.

SPI -14 (fearful): An Aetheran?! For crying out loud -11! Kill it already!

Daos: I only ask this because of something it said.....It said that Jad was promised to him by his people....And I wanted more information on this....But I do see what you mean.....Maybe I could take him to the Abyss?

SPI -11: They are notorious for being escape artists if they are unsealed enough to talk. I'm fully sealing him into a superball and giving the tormentor to 550.

SPI -14: They aren't the kind that can be interrogated, they just take over bodies and try to destroy everything.

Daos: As you wish, That makes two things I want to kill today.....

SPI -14: two? what's the first one?

Daos: Wraith...

SPI -14: oh, him. You realize he can't get in, right? we're in the ocean...

Daos: I will tell you later...Right now we have to deal with...That thing

SPI -11: I'm going to make it into a super ball and give it to 550. She should enjoy tormenting such a fiend.

SPI -14: She's really good at sealing magics... I hear even powerful demons fear the name of Kendris Velana.

Daos: You would truly be surprised what lives in the Abyss then....But then again...certain magic is ineffective on that plane.......Well....Hurry, Before the magic fades...

SPI -14: Hurry with what? -11 has it all under control...

Daos: Better safe than sorry

SPI -11: It's already taken care of.

SPI -14: see?

Daos: Ok...Sorry.....

*SPI -11 pockets the superball*