Today ( or rather at this moment anyways ) I am feeling particularly cheerful. I think it may be due to the true arrival of spring, which I only noticed today really. The leaves on the trees are really prominent now, the sun is shining, the skies are bright blue and the day is glorious! Surveying the wondrous landscape of spring around me has lifted a dampen from my mood and set my spirit a-soar amongst the feather-like clouds in the azure sky. O! If only everyday was like the first glimpse of spring.

Soon Azzy will return from her co-op job and we will set off to the Midway, where hopefully there will be good times to be had, although I must admit the lack of a usual crowd is a bit disheartening. But as sorrowful as it it is say, times change, and with the waves of time dost people become snatched away from the shore of our friendship's dwelling.

I am looking forwards to a very bright weekend to compensate for the lack of personal fulfillment last weekend.

Now I am off to squeeze in as much time on Eternal Sonata as I can before my brother tromps downstairs and kicks me off "his 360" ( Which it rightfully is, but he's so domineering. ) I do love Eternal Sonata to bits, but that was to be expected of Namco, which created my favourite series of games, the Tales. Polka is really a sweetheart, I love mary-sue heroines just like her even if some people find them irritating. Jazz is the attractive mysterious bishounen, but I prefer Allegretto's personality loads more, he's interesting and lively and has a kind of style I find very appealing. The twins turned out to be even more interesting characters then I expected them to be. Salsa is great fun, and she's spunky and loud in a way I don't find annoying at all, which was completely lacking in someone like Anise. March is the opposite of her sister but I find that just as endearing, and I use her in my party. Ahaha, I do prefer the moon afterall. Viola is even more awesome then I had expected her to be aswell, being very mischievous and tsundere. Sadly the character I had expected to like very much, ended up irritating me quite a bit, and that was Claves. I love Clave's character design to death, but her personality ( although sincere in the end ) seemed a bit snotty and supremest to me, and it just nagged at me considerably.

I believe I am nearing something akin to the end of the game, but on the same token I am doubtful of it because there is way too much mystery unsolved... unless they decide to wrap it up very quickly and decidedly sometime between now and when I fight that giant monster I presume may or may not be the final boss. I will probably be sad when I finish it, I'm having lots of fun playing it, as it progressively grows better as I go along - both in storyline and battle system. The battle system updates itself every time the party level goes up, and thus leaves more options on the field for strategy. I'm at level 5 at this point, where I am able to use 3 special attacks via a harmony chain if my echoes are 25 and above, my battle inventory is 40, my movement speed is at times 50%, and I am able to preform counter-attacks ( which I suck at getting so I never use. ) The monsters and their setup can be a little repetitive at times, but due to the constant action of battle it isn't really boring at all.

ANYWAYS, I'm wasting almost nearly all of my precious gaming time writing about this! I do often tend to get carried away while writing.

Sayonara for now~~