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You like the Icege, no?
So... yea...

I've got a journal at home. A really nice one that I got for graduation from my mom's roommate. It's leather bound with my initials burnt into the cover. I've got a couple of entries in it, but they're all spaced about a year apart. So there's only... 3 entries?

I've got a Xanga already, and a MySpace. I could have sworn I had a Live Journal. Who knows? Either way, I actually plan on *gasp* updating this one pretty regularly. MySpace is like a bad nightclub, and I'm not feeling Xanga. Too much crap to do to customize it. I like my junk simple so I can get on to the more important stuff. Like writing this entry.

I lie. I'm actually going to make journal entries here, then just copy/paste them everywhere else like the dirty whore that I am.

Hi. My name is Josh. How are you?

Come to think of it, only one person knows about this journal. Hi Rob. I love you with all my violent hate. <3! Come home and visit!

So anyways, I'm at work now. Tomorrow is my last day up here in New Jersey at this internship. Funny story: I actually lived here, same town and everything, for round about 4-5 years. At the end of my sophomoer year of high school, we moved to Maryland. I said, and I quote, "Watch ya'll move back after I graduate." So I graduated in 2001, and well... you can guess what happened next. Yea, by some freak incident, some stuff happened with the company my mom had been working for and she got a job back up here in New Jersey. But it's all gravy, because I got to come up this summer and have a lot of fun. I've come to love New York City. Well, I've come to love Chinatown. It's delicious.

But the subject! The subject at hand! Evolution 2005 in Las Vegas, Nevada (www.evo2k.com)! Yea, I'm a nerd. I play video games. I'm going to place at the very least, top 32 in Tekken 5. Unfortunately, the game is hella random and inconsistant as Hell, so who knows? Worse comes to worse, I'll just be getting trashed. You know, that entire "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" bit? They forget to tell you that the herpes are for life.

So I'm excited. I'm kinda sad to be leaving my family up here to go back to the rest of the family back down south in Charleston. I'm also kinda sad to be leaving all the hella cool people I've gotten to meet up with during my summer up here. It'll be good to be home though, and back in classes.

In emo news, my ex has been e-mailing me. She's stripping at clubs again. She's actually dancing at Club USA in Guam for the next three months. Not quite sure how I'm supposed to feel about that. It's been eight months, but it still hurts, ya know? *cues the Linkin Park for a good cry... craaaaaaaawling iiiiiiiin my skiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin*

I apologize for the randomness. I'm hella scatter brained. I've got to start packing my junk to head back to SC, but I also have to pack for Vegas. Getting to stay at the Green Valley Ranch Resort & Spa. I want to pamper myself like a princess... er... prince... but ish is MAD expensive. Plus I'm cheap. Like Cable. b***h.

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Son Kurichi-Kai
Community Member
commentCommented on: Fri Aug 12, 2005 @ 04:39pm
Hehehehe... that was a nice read and yes, I do pop up everywhere, so don't be surprised! xd

And don't worry about being a "dirty whore"... I've done my share of copy and pasting back and forth bewteen my Livejournal and Gaia journal so it's all cool.

I don't know how much I can express this, but I'm so so very sorry about not being able to meet up with you this summer! I promise that next summer if you come up, I'll make myself available and hopefully find a way to the arcade. But how knows! I might end up going to college in the NYC area so I can maybe meet up with you then. biggrin heart

Anyway, I don't think you have any reason to be nervous or unsure, I think you'll do just great (100x better than I would actually do if I entered), so good luck to you and show those other players what you're made of!

And don't worry about randomness... I do it all the time (my journal is a random mess sweatdrop ). Anyway, I gotta run! Good luck once again! See you, lots of love, bye! heart

commentCommented on: Thu Sep 01, 2005 @ 04:55am
Dirty Whore...

I <3 you crying

Community Member
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