The fox glanced around at the many furs, noticing the confused look upon their faces. He supported himself to his feet, using only his legs. The fox noticed that his weapon was no longer with him. He thought it must've gotten pulled into the sky when he was not paying attention. No good. That was handcrafted by my grandfather... Damn that rip. Epathy turned to Lia'kria and smiled. He approached the dove closely. "It's been a while since I've seen you, Lia. How have you been? You look more like a clan mage." The fox stated with a warm expression.


The dove looked up to Epathy. She was somewhat smaller in size than him. A small smile crossed her face. "Well, I have been practicing a lot." Lia'kria responded, blushing. "I'm starting to understand the advancements even more. It's actually kind o--" The dove was interrupted by the rabbit, who had shouted out a loud "Look! In the sky!" for everyone to hear. The rabbit pointed into the sky, in the direction of a figure, slowly descending to the ground.


A teenage human boy slowly descends to the ruined earth below. He is wearing a technologically advanced suit made of unknown materials. Many small switches are on the torso area of the suit. The boy wears a red shaded eyepiece with one antenna popping up from it out of his long black hair. On his shoulders are advanced lazer tech weaponry that have opposing atennas on each. On both of his wrists are armbands with tiny devices on them. His boots, which are connected to the space-travel suit, are aflame, making them a pair of "jet-boots".

The boy spots the manny furries awaiting him with aggressive expressions. That, he is able to identify with his eyepiece tech. He tenses. What could this possibly mean? The boy thinks to himself. He drops the thrusters on his boots and drops harmlessly to the ground on two feet, hardly even crouching upon his landing. The boy observes the surroundings, not making a single movement.


This was Derrick

Derrick was a human boy of Earth, but raised on the secondary planet, Mars. He was a teen of the year 2558, so he had lived many advancements not yet seen by the human eye of this time. Derrick was a space explorer like his father. Before his father died, he tried as well as he could to follow in his footsteps.

Upon his father's tragic death during space travel, Derrick's destiny had been on another planet; a planet known as Sphere. On this exotic world, the boy experienced crises he had never imagined could be possible. He meets the two beings of Sphere; Proto-Spherelings and Pre-Spherelings.

Proto-Spherelings were a race extremely similar to furries. In fact, they were furries. Pre-Spherelings were similar to Earthly animals. The only distinction was their akward fur colors. Up to that point and now, Derrick has been familiar with the two races, and has grown to respect them, facing numerous troubles with two friends made in his fate. None of those adventures being predictable.

And now, due to a strange occurance with which the balance of reality was offset, here he was, on an identified world and surrounded by what he thinks are protos. His objective, unknown. His location, unknown. The time, unknown. Little does he know about the catastrophe awaiting him. Not just him, but the many beings of both worlds... Or perhaps, all three?

Destined space explorer, Derrick, joins the action


Derrick finally makes head motion. He looks around once again at the many protos staring at him. Most being protos, two being unidentified beings. There was silence until one of the protos shouted out, "A human!".

|| Lucario ||

I watched the figure carefully. It was another human, there was no doubt of that. I growled deep in my throat as my eyes turned to slits. "This one's mine," I growled out, using my telepathy. It was directed at everyone around myself, including the human. I wanted him to know. I wanted him to realize what was going to occur... I moved swiftly past the fox and dove, leaving Celebi with them. I continued on my pathway toward the human, pushing roughly past the furs who happened to stand in my way. "Are you going to be like the others?" I asked him, closing my eyes, Aura returning to my fists. As I pushed past the last furs in my way, I focused my shut eyes on the human's figure. I stopped about five yards from him, clenching my fists tightly, my own claws starting to dig into my palm, though not roughly enough to break the skin. "Or will you actually pose a challenge?"