I finally just finished the last concert out of a whole weekend of constant vocal business. I had dress rehearsal Friday, a concert at the church Saturday, and a concert at Ferris today. Each session was about five hours, so take a guess at how much time of my weekend went into this thing. XD

Friday was probably the more tiresome though. Gabby was with me, and she sat in the auditorium and waited the whole five hours until we were done. It would of been perfectly understandable if she'd had left, really. I'm grateful she didn't though. After the rehearsal she came back with me to my house and she fell asleep before we could find a movie that'd actually load, so I just watched Kanon.

Saturday was a little more fast-paced then Friday, though I was throwing a bit of a fit that I had to spend the prime time of my weekend doing choir at a church... but it was my exam, and attendance was mandatory, thus I got through it and I suppose it wasn't that bad. Really, I do enjoy to sing, but the thing is for the better part of three hours we are doing nothing but watching the adult choir sing. I like their songs and all, but I almost fell asleep a few times, especially today. ( I was up until 6:30 last night. >.> )

The best part about the Saturday concert was the reception party. There was ... PASTRIES! Oh joyous wonderful pastries that made my heart soar! ... but there was none today. T.T I wept. But then I was saved by pastries that my grandma had given us!

And so my friends, in the end, everything was alright.

As long as there are pastries to be had.



I'm kinda glad it's over with now though. It was a good experience and all, but my weekend .. -sigh- T.T Not like I would of done anything exciting anyways, though.. probably..

Btw, I'm kinda addicted to jam and toast at this time. I've been just going through those like there's no tomorrow. Oh, and tea. TEA AND TOAST WITH JAM. Oh yum yum~~ I wonder what would happen if I added pastries to that equation? No less then mind-blowingly awesome I have no doubts.

I finished Lucky Star a few days ago (finally right?) and I'll probably finish Pita-Ten next. (That'd be about time too.) Lucky Star was an okay anime. The best part about it was probably the references to other animes. The Kanon references made me happy. There are MASSES of Haruhi references in that show, and to properly convey that I'm going to quote what I saw someone else say -- "Lucky Star is definitely the most entertaining commercial for Haruhi that I've ever watched."

Well anyways, I guess I'll go paint-chat with Azzy now, despite the fact that I fail at drawing with a mouse. >.> Sayonara~~