♥ Do you ever ask the question why? I've been asking that question a lot recently. While I'm mentioning my life recently, I have to tell you something that happened in my life. Something other than the other 10 things that have been bad for me. That one thing is about to change how I act to specific people. I know losing something like what I lost isn't very important, but it's very special to me and I'd do almost anything to get them back. That's why I will violently give the person who stole my pencils what they deserve. I remember the violent part mostly and how I'd end up torturing some people or a person. Who knows? I might call myself acting happy most of the time, but that's not exactly the case. I might be really sad, but no one knows except me. Right now, I'm thinking violently about things I shouldn't be thinking of violently. I'd love to tell you how I'd torture people, but I probably won't torture anyone. Who can blame those people for not knowing what the world is really like? Your future awaits you, in the direction you should be going in. ♥