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The Random Craziness
Stay out if you want to keep your mind. I am not responsible if something happens to your brain. This journal has random craziness. You have been warned.
Shishi and The Bunny
Shishi is played by Jiwin, pmarsala311 plays the bunny, and RavensFolly plays Amara


The little white bunny hopped through the halls of this place. He seemed to like hopping around and exploring. Hop. Hop. Hop. The bunny made almost no sound as he moved through the halls. Soon, he arrived to the spot where Shishi and Kuwabara were. The little bunny, not knowing what else to do, hopped over to Shishi and sat on his foot.


The demon shifted down his glance, feeling something furry caress his foot and sandal. He gaze the rabbit a flat glare and pulled it by its ears "Don't tell me you are another of those creeps I killed before in the Makai.
Listen, if you are here for revenge, you'll have to get an appointment for it." he mused placing the bunny aside. It was too of a woeful moment to attack the rabbit and see more gore. So far he had seen too much blood, plus the one that was being shed in the arena.
However, if it had been a normal day, the poor bunny would have been kicked to the stars.


The bunny stared at Shishi, his black eyes unblinking. The creature tilted his head to the side in cinfusion. What was this stupid person talking about? The bunny curled up in a ball next to Shishi's feet.


He still carried the white bunny along, for some reason, that oversized rodent had caught a mere of his sympathy. The demon roamed silently through the obsidian corridors of the stadium, holding the white bunny between his arms. "..Ngh.. stupid thing, everything is too easy for you, isn't it?" mused quizically glancing down at the rabbit


The small bunny hopped along side Shishi. He was getting atrached to the vain demon and he didn't know why. It was weird. The bunny shook his head and continued to hop.


The smooth noise of the bunnie's hops reached his ears, and he cast his gaze down to the floor, observing the white furry animal. At first he gave it a flat glare, but ended up picking it up and treading along with it. He finally reached a desolated spot in the corridors, away from the arena and the crowd so amused. "Bah, this place is hideous.." mused holding the creature before his eyes examining it cautiously.

The bunny looked at Shishi as he picked him up. His black eyes were fixed on him. When Shishi examined him, the bunny gave Shishi a look that said, Hello! heart


It seemed the creature was pleased enough with his company. He tilted his head aside, as one of his slate eyebrows twitched slightly "..Fine fine, you have the right of remaining at my side, before that lass Eclipse uses you as some sort of bag or fur accessory"

The bunny was happy. He jumped onto Shishi's shoulder. heart heart He was saying 'Thank you' in his own way. Hello! the bunny chirped, talking to Shishi telepathicly.


Stepping closer to Shishi, considering embracing him, Amara paused. "Is that a bunny sitting there on your shoulder?"


It seemed there was no way tohide something from Amara, as the psychic youkai he was certainly it was impossible to keep something hidden, specially something as evident as the rabbit "Yes, its my new acquisition" replied slightly raising his gaze to the demon.

The bunny looked over at Shishi. I haven't introduced myself yet, he said. My name's Mr. Popo! heart heart


His gaze lowered slightly, glancing at the floor and then his arm lifted aside removing the bunny from his shoulder holding it before him. "Ngh .. okay. Im Shishiwakamaru and that .. demon over there is Amara. " smoothly grunted, certainly feeling like an idiot talking to a rabbit.

Mr. Popo nodded. I see. Nice to meet you Shishi, he chirped, shortneing the demon's name. Who is Amara? If you don't mind me asking. The bunny was curious. He was going to be with Shishi for a while and he wanted to know about him.

The bunnie's inquisitive attitude irked him slightly. But the saddened feelings of their friends' deaths brought a feeling of weird kindness of some sort. "..Amara is my wife" he mused with evident difficulties, after an extended period of silence.

And that my friends is how Shishi met his bunny.

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AGiiTAT3D - magg0t
Community Member
commentCommented on: Wed Aug 10, 2005 @ 04:49am
*Snorts and laughs*

Aww...how cute! The bird and the bunny!

...*Long pause of realisation*

OH s**t!! The bird and the bunny! Birds EAT bunnehs! Run Mr. Popo! Run! xd

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