So I went out to have tea and danishes with my fellow friends Azzy and Gabby.

It was drizzling slightly upon my departure, but it ceased almost immediately after me and Azzy stepped from the cluttered space known as her garage, and the walk was pleasant enough albeit slightly chilly. Azzy went on to Timmies without me, and I went to Mel's house to pick up Gabby, as it is her new dwelling.

Typical of me, I got lost trying to find the apartment, and the fact that I was blasting my music made me impervious to any sounds which may have been directed at me - aka, Gabby screaming my name to get my attention. >.>

Gabby did not stay with us for very long, eating her pepper, salt, and vinegar CAKED french-fries before leaving to visit Kelley's house. It was intended that we await for her return, but after the expected time for 30 minutes stretched into 40, me and Azzy left and went to A&P.

At this point, the caffeine had taken it's hold on me so I quite hyper and silly. As usual we visited the flower section first, lamenting on our wishes to receive such beautiful gifts. The idea of receiving flowers is so romantic and heartwarming. She, of course, wished Brandon would do such a thing ... but I myself just find it a nice idea without any specifics in mind.

Then we went to the candy aisle and I browsed determinedly for items which I could purchase for 30 cents. I kept repeating in a comedic fashion, "I think I'm going to buy these 3 gums." and also kept questioning Azzy as to whether or not I could purchase bulk items in singularities. Like just one chocolate. Or one gummy bear. I scrabbled excitedly at the glass containing the cookies, my adoration for baked goods burning brightly.

Quite a humorous skit occurred around that same time-frame. Upon voicing my sorrows in a vulgar fashion for being unable to purchase a singular chocolate, there was a dire misunderstanding on my friend's part which was in fact very 'lulzy'

Me: I think I am going to buy a single chocolate.
Azzy: You can't do that.
Me: F**king candy.
Azzy: Oh thanks.
Me: I said f**king candy.
Azzy: I heard f**k you.
Me: No, f**king. (serious look) I-N-G! (walks off)

Many laughs ensued thereafter, though I suppose it must look quite silly in explanation.

I did, actually, buy my 3 gums. There was joy!

Initially we were to go back to Azzy's and bake delicious cake, but there was no ingredients and so no delicious cake was to be had. We were also to watch Bleach together ( the episodes featuring the wonderful Espada of course ) but Brandon had returned and was playing World of Warcraft, so there was none of that either.

I sat there and sang delightfully the entire musical of Chicago. I also recited my lines for my Drama class's ongoing production, 'Sleeping Beauty'. My part is that of Mother Pink, the fairy godmother. I do despise attempting a southern accent, it is difficult.

They were kind enough to walk me home on account of my ill ease of the forest around the highway as of lately. It exudes an ominous aura at night that unsettles me, though perhaps it is more out of tension.

So now here I am, concluding the last paragraphs of this entry. Was my composition style entertaining?

... No?

... NO?!

... WELL I-N-GGGGG!!!1one

;D And there goes the show, folks.

Srsly now, wrapping this up. Writing like that can be amusing sometimes, really. ^.^ Ahahaha. So completely inappropriate for such an entry though, I didn't capture my retarded-ness at all.

Well I'm off to drink tea and watch Lucky Star. BYYEE-BEEEE! heart