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Hello, Friends.
One day SLA was walking around with her Scene Mullet FTW, when all of a sudden Teh88YearOldProstitute walked up and said "my name is batman." So SLA and 88YOP went to get some MCR Flavored Cocaine. After the bought some, Teh Pr0n Fairy appeared and wanted to make a bargain. She would give them 3 wishes, providing that they are of a pr0n-based nature, for half of their MCR Flavored Cocaine. SLA and 88YOP agreed, and made their wishes: a life-time surprise of rape pr0n, a maid and nurse outfits to make role-play pr0n with, and whips. Suddenly, IICOXI showed up and wanted to make a similar bargain, but instead of MCR Flavored Cocaine he wanted to trade his emorexic-pimp, because the emorexic-pimp was spending too much time with bitches. But Teh Pr0n Fairy denied his request because he wore too many polos. 4laugh

The other day Capt Internet was searching through the interbutts. He came across Miley Cyrus' Barely Dressed pictures. To makes what has been seen unseen, The Cocaine Pixie cast a spell on Capt Internet and he saw a Pixelation Hallucination. When he asked what happened, The Cocaine Pixie told him that Miss Cannabliss appeared when she cast the spell and fed him special brownies, laced with LSD and shrooms. Permadown had noticed their conversation and was lonely, so she decided to join in. Before she said a word, she noticed The Cocaine Pixie had a major Color Clash, and used her secret powers to replace The Cocaine Pixie with Teh Pr0n Fairy, who then gave everybody free pr0n. 4laugh

kuhnnie and Buddha on Broadway were taking a stroll in the park, when all of a sudden kuhnnie burst out "I've been telling you M o r b i d L I E S_x! I'm actually a man." Buddha on Broadway looked deep into his eyes and replied, "I don't care. I have a Schizotypal Infatuation with you." kuhnnie was touched by his words, and they kissed before the sunset. But lo and behold, Pokepornography was hiding behind a tree, watching them. She was getting more ideas for her erotic stories. The next week, Teh Pr0n Fairy was reading Pokepornography's latest story in her magazine. She got all hot and bothered by the story, and went home to masturbate. Unfortunately, Teh Pr0n Fairy had forgotten her [.Slick Candy.] where she was reading, and Adelheid v2 came along and ate it. He didn't realize that the [.Slick Candy.] was actually drugged, and fell into a deep sleep. When he arose, he was tied up to a bed, DrLavitz lying next to him, fully nude. 4laugh


Story 4 on the way! heart

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