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My Gaia Journal... Not that I haven't done dozens on other sites...

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*Those are the ones I think/know I want to try and get first.*

Basically this is me going through the stores and Marketplace and keeping track of things I may one day want. Hopefully I'll get the names and prices right...

Barton Boutique
Cid Hippie Shirt 500g
Gray Longjohns 550g
Hand Wraps 800g
Black Musketeer pants 8200g
Black Musketeer top 11000g
Dark cape 15000g
Black Musketeer Cape 16500g

Barton Jewelers
Romani Glasses 1800g
Sapphire Forehead Jewel 2000g

Durem Depot
Chalk Glamrock Sleeveless Top 650g
Black GetaGRIP Gloves 1190g
Black GetaGRIP Headband 1200g
That Red 90s Vest 1530g
Black Net Top 1565g
Black leather belt 1675g
Red Forbidden Skirt 2200g
Blue Forbidden Skirt 2200g
Yellow Forbidden Skirt 2200g
Those Black 90s Pants 2500g
Black Web Stockings 2600g
Black Web Strap Shoes 3720g
Black Web Shirt 3800g
Black Web Bustier 4900g
Obsidian Glamrock Coat 5980g
#0000FF Complex Shirt 6131g

HR Wesley
Black Class Sock 250g
Loose Knit White Top 280g
Black Strapless Bra 560g
Black Sleeveless Silk Top 800g
Black Fishnet Stockings 2000g
That 70s White Shirt 2500g
That 70s Red Shirt 2500g
Gloom SLIK Skirt 3235g
Black Class Shirt 3575g
Felicia's Wise Gown 3900g
Alice's Crimson Dress 4700g
Stylish Charcoal Winter Coat 9500g
G-LOL Orange Gown 13000g
G-LOL Blue Gown 13000g
Noir VOX Jacket 13577g

Gambino Outfitters
White Tied Top 275g
Gray FLEX Top 450g
In Da Hood Black Sweatpants 800g
Gray Torque Pants 1140g
Black Sport Vest 1200g
Knot Black Top 1920g
In Da Hood Black Sweater 2000g
Charcoal Turtleneck Sweater 2700g

Crate and Apparel
Wooden Sandals 500g
Black Wrinkled Vest 626g
Fitted Black Shorts - black trim 900g
Black Beatnik Sandals 950g
Black Beatnik Skirt 1350g
Straw Hat 2095g
Nightwind Dragon Gown 7000g
Wild Orchid Kimono 9600g
Inner Fire Kimono 10100g

The Factori
Black Carpet Floor Tile 150g
Slate Wall Tile 395g
Blue Accent Stone Wall Tile 535g
Charcoal Steel Shelving 550g
Honorable Black Window 600g
Basic Black Dresser 650g
Honorable Black Chair 750g
Basic Black Bookshelf 750g
Ornate Brown Stone Wall Tile 800g
Potted Palm 850g
Honorable Wall Scroll 900g
Honorable Black Desk 1350g
Honorable Bonsai Tree 5000g
Noh Mask Wall Decor 5000g

Kiki Kitty Plushie
Roro Robo-Puppy
Leather collar with cross
Were tail
Steel-plated ninja headband
Fox tail
Angelic pendant
Emo bag
a couple Ice guantlets
Nitemare Collar
Winged anklets
Angelic Bracelet
Staff of the Angels
Demonic Pitchfork
Angelic Scarf (Possibly for the sole fact that it looks kinda like Chouji's... Yes...I am THAT pathetic.)
ZONY Discman
at least 2 Thank You Letter For July 2004
ZONY MP3 Player
Decorative Daisy
Strength Rod Plus

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Captain EFFIN Falcon
Community Member
comment Commented on: Wed Aug 17, 2005 @ 11:51pm
Good luck on your quest!!! And thanks fro buying those cans xd

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