Hey, Lime. So you want to know why I dress the way I do? Why I style my hair like I do, dye it purple? I'll tell you up-front, I'm a superficial person. But there is method behind the madness.

[Snipped for important things.]

My hair. I'm really a brunette. I dye it purple because purple's my favorite color and because it makes me stand out. Yeah, I know you're probably giggling. You know I like to make a big impression. I'm an attention whore; what can I say.

My shirt. Man, I love this tube top. It used to be Mom's, actually. It got too small for her but she kept it. She said that she and Dad met at a party; guess what she was wearing. I'd like to think that part of her still loves him.

Langer. Ah, he gets me a lot of looks. I've changed his name to Sir Francis Drake. I pretty much wear Drake to show off--that, and keep him safely away from Michi. Michi's my cat, pure-bred KiKi.

Finally, my V-pin. I attended the Anniversary Ball with Daniel--he's my ex--and he gave me his half of the pin a few years down the road. It served as my engagement ring, actually. V for vampire, not so much for Von Helson. You see, the day Daniel proposed, he also came out to me. It was right around Halloween '07 when all that mess with the vampires was going on, and he admitted he was one. Well, of course I didn't have a problem with that. He and his family took treatments, anyway. Things didn't get bad until Daniel started...well, he started drinking human blood. I got scared. I left him.

I still wear the symbol of our engagement, because well, I guess in my mind we are still engaged. I'm just waiting for him to come to his senses.