you wanna know wat happened to me today?

WELL... I was riding my bike and I was going really fast down this one street that had alot of highschool guys n stuff, WELL, my bike switched gears unexpectedly and my foot got caught on the pedal. (I was wearing toe sox w/o shoes- dont ask) My torso plunged forward and my arms automatically went up to protect my head. Next thing I knew, I was laying on the street.
Guy1: Are you okay?
Me: Yeah. (ouch)
Guy1: Sure?
Me: Mmhmm
Guy2: I've fallen harder. (he was on a skateboard) Kind of embarrassing?
Me: *sarcasm* A little bit.
Guy3: You ripped your sock.
I HAD ripped my sock. (Rest In Peace, Socks)
*rides away* SO.... I rode home as fast as I could. My knee was scraped and I have a nasty dime sized gash on my left foot, now... It was still the most fun I've ever had! XD i know. I'm weird like that. xp whee