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Verna's log...or something
I dunno what it's going to really be about, I'm pretty random, and it depends on what I feel like really...I'm pretty random. I do plan on writing ficticous stuff though. :D
Verna's log # 1
and here we're going to get started with the story. the first 2 journal entries tell about the characters. heart

Chapter 1

Leon brushed his medium sized dreadlocks out of habit. He took a look around his new school and sighed. His family recently moved to the new country because his fathers brother had offered them a house and a better paying job. Leon was just glad that he hadn't been followed by a certain someone.

"Maybe now I can have some actual friends." He murmured looking at his new shoes.

"Excuse me?" came a feminine voice on his left. He turned to see two people looking at him with confused faces. the one who spoke was a long haired blond girl with a curious taste in fashion. "I'm sorry did you say something to me?" She looked extremely sheepish as she smiled shyly at him.

"N-no...I just said I hope I can get some new...uh...friends..." he finished lamely as he looked in her bulbous green-brown eyes. "I'm...uh...I'm Leon."

"OH! that's so neat! you're the French exchange student right? I heard people talk about you, but I wasn't sure..." She stared at him fondly for a while. Leon shuffled uncomfortably until the girls friend brushed by her and extended his hand.

"I'm Henry, and my blond friend her is Jem, I assure you she's not trying to be rude." Leon took Henry's hand and shook it. Jem then grabbed his hand with both of hers and began to vigorusly pump it up and down.

"omygosh!" she exclaimed "I didn't tell you my name! I'm soooo sorry!"

"I-it's fine!" Leon said mostly out of surprise. after she let go Leon asked, "So when does school start?" He looked at Henry because Jem was off hugging some one very tightly, screaming 'Eleo!'

Henry sighed as he watched Jem run off. "It should start soon, we'd better make it inside before then though, it gets to be like a stampede out here. do you know where you first class is, or would you like me to show you?" Henry's blue eyes showed with the utmost sincerity as he led Leon to the red haired youth Jem was hanging off of.

"I'd like it if you showed me where my class is..that'd be great." Leon nodded.

"Jem, for the last time, stop popping up out of no where..." The red head said smiling. he had a very slow laid back voice, which didn't match his well kept demeanor at all. Noticing Leon he extended his hand.

"I apologize, I'd extend the other one, but it seems to be preoccupied with a girl who is sporting some sort of home made animale back pack." Jem huffed and glared up as Leon took his hand.

"It's a weas..."

"I'm Eleo Coltrain." He interrupted "It's very nice to meet you."

"I'm Leon..." Leon said as all four of the high-schoolers headed inside. "I hope you don't feel offended by my asking...but are those...tails?"

"Ah..." Eleo looked at his five swinging tails. "Yes, I'm not what one would consider a...native of this planet. although I'm unsure as to what planet I'm from." Eleo smiled softly and took off his sunglasses, "I have no pupils either, and extremely long ears to boot, although they do me no good, I'm on the verge of being deaf."

Jem hugged onto his arm and laughed, "never stops him from hearing me though!"

"That's because you yell all the time Jem." Henry said smiling. "Leon, if you have nothing else to do, would you sit with us at lunch?"

"OH YES!" Jem exclaimed, "That;d be awesome!"

"Sure, if I live that long." Leon smiled, "you guys are...what's the word...interesting."

"Cool." Henry patted Leon's shoulder, "well here's your class, same as Jem..." all three men looked at the blond bubbly girl who was now smiling at Leon.

"C'mon! You can sit by me!"

"oh...good..." Leon watched as Eleo and Henry headed to their seperate classes.

end chapter 1

sooo....tel me what you think, I'd love some constructive crit as well, but please be nice about it? thanks for taking the time to read! 4laugh

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