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Lou's journal
College Stress = bad D:<
I needed somewhere to rant and as far as I know, hardly anyone reads my journal here...so rant time!

So, for those of you who don't know - I'm studying Beauty Therapy NVQ LVL2 & LVL3. It requires us to do a huge amount of biology ( I swear I could become a nurse from it!! ) and also learning the hands on side of being a Beauty Therapist.
In September 07 I started my second year as a Beauty Therapist student. It was my second and final year. We all knew that it wouldn't be a breeze, like it was a little bit in the first year. But what I didn't realise, was exactly how hard it was going to be.

Up until now, it hadn't been too bad. Apart from our airhead tutor ( I wish we got the choice of switching sad ), having about 4 weeks off of college due to wisdom tooth problems, and then being picked on by my tutor because apparently I was the most behind, even though I wasn't -__-

But anyway...
I got told today that we have 5 weeks until half term, and then after that we have just 3 weeks left to finish. 8 weeks to finish?! It's almost gone 1 week already crying
But do you know what makes it worse? The a** licking students in my class >.< We have 2 students who were hair and beauty students, and they decided to do a third year to get the last of the training in beauty. They suck up to the teachers like there's no tomorrow. They are the furthest ahead out of all of us. But do you know what? Because they're so 'special' and managed to land themselves jobs in Beauty places, the lecturers are helping them finish. Do they help us? NO.

Today, someone came in for an aromatherapy massage and none of us had been allocated to her. But surprise surprise, straight away the lecturer goes to one of the a** lickers "would you like to do the treatment?" they didn't even offer the chance to us, when almost all of us need that assessment.

By the time we finish college, we have to get ALL our assessments done, and all our tests. For our assessments, we have to do about 6 different people per treatment, and cover loads of different ranges.

At this rate, I'm going to fail. I've done all my full body massage treatments apart from my final one because we're not allowed to do that until we've done all our anatomy tests -__-
I need most of my body & face electrical treatments assessments because I have hardly anyone to come in for me to work on. We're not allowed to do assessments on each other in our class, it has to be people outside of our class.
My boyfriend's offered to come in for me, but there's only so much we're allowed to do on males (like we're not allowed to do legs, stupid rules rolleyes ). We also still haven't finished learning all our treatments which means yet more assessments I haven't done D:

So basically, right now, I've failed college. I rely on this qualification for my career. I have a job interview on Monday and that's no use if I get the job and then fail at the college.

Why don't any of my gaia friends live near me!? I'd SO drag them into college gonk

I feel stressed...and depressed. I don't want to be known as a fail. I've worked too hard for 2 years, for some a** lickers to ruin everything crying

I need to go on an art spending spree to cheer me up... or I need people to give me art xD I never get art emo Oh well...

My rant probably doesn't seem that bad when reading things, but to me it's making me depressed and I don't like it. I should be enjoying my life at this age, not stressing about stupid things that could change my life for the best D:

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Gregory House Returns
Community Member
commentCommented on: Wed Jun 25, 2008 @ 12:40am
thats sounds like hell but look on the bright side and where you are Now

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