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Realmcutter's journal
a journal filled with rants, physiological issues/questions and answers, eventful recordings, and much more
the educational system of todays society...IS A PIECE OF CRAP!!!!!!

Not only am i tired of being held back in this rundown hellhole, but i'm sick and f*ckin tired of why i'm here. Just about anyone who goes to school these days can agree that you only need to know about 1/3 of the sh*t you learn in school. probably only one in 50 people will need to know advanced mathematics, or literature in their carreers or for the rest of their lives. i've already gone on how the schools are a bunch of sh*t so i won't get on that again for a while. Whoever where the assholes on the schoolboard that decided that the general people need to know this crap. We the people/children should have a choice in the classes we want to take. I shouldn't have to take three years of math and 4 of L.A if i'm never gonna use those skills later in my carreer/life. And when you give them your slip/form for the classes you want the next year, they just f*ck it up anyway. For the last 4 f*ckin years some assholes f*ck up my shcedule every year and i have to spend weeks fixing it up. And because of that sh*t, i've ended up falling behind in grades and not getting the classes i want. and not only that but i can't get in the classes with my friends.

And no one really gives a f*ck about the aschools anymore. With all the scandals, deteiorating buildings, lack of materials, money, and teachers, lack of support by singles, and non-child bearing couples; were never gonna get the chances we need to succeed in life because no one cares about us and our needs. i'm tired of the ageist reign over the U.S, just beacuase a few f*cktards don't know what they're doing becasue their parents couldn't raise them in advance, I shouldn't be held back. Only kids with high I.Qs get a free pass out of eductaional slavery whle the rest of us spend countless years of our childhood and adulthood slaving over textbooks. True knowlegde dosn't come from what you know or how much you know, but how you use that knowledge and why you use it. If only the dumbasses ruling the government could understand anyhting other than politics, then the world would be a better place. The govt needs to start cracking down on bad parents so we can start improving our society with our youth. If more people could understand common philosophy( and common f*ckin sense), then their would be less dumbasses to raise their kids wrong and f*ck everything up. Its all the religously obsessed people and over protective parents who can't get off their kids nutsack that are f*cking everything up. they try to hide their childeren from reality and then raise them in their views giving them no freedom or dreams of their own. Its these people that are holding back numanity by holding back their children. Then schools have to be specialy prepared for these shildren who don't know how to handle reality, or as i call them religous acadamies. Then people make money off of these people by opening up private schools and preventing their children from having fun, developing broad social skills, and forcing them into certain social groups. And the differences in these "educational systems/brainwashing institutions" is the wedge in today's youth that is causeing it to slowly split untill their will, one day be three dominant social orders worldwide. The "poor", the "religous", and the"rich".

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    Mihari Fey
    Community Member

    Sat Apr 26, 2008 @ 07:18pm

    Realm, you don't know how much i completely agree with you! Finally! Someone gets me! Another thing about school is most students skip class anyway! I don't know if students do that wherever your from, but they do it all the time here in Texas! And also, it seems like if the teachers are saying something you're ACTUALLY gonna use later in your life...THE STUDENTS AROUND YOU WON'T SHUT THE f*ck UP AND YOU CAN'T HEAR A DAMN THING!!!! scream

    ....yeah.... sweatdrop

    Community Member

    Wed Apr 30, 2008 @ 01:43pm

    trust me yamiyo i live just near frickin D.C, i know how you feel and more 3nodding .

    User Comments: [2]
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