I am updating on Gabby's request, although I wanted to write something tonight anyways, I was just being lazy and procrastinating as usual. I was reading through all my journal entries for no particular reason except the nostalgia, I suppose. I really have written so many of them...

... Isn't it strange how you could open up an entry from only the summer and note how everything has changed so much since then?

While I enjoy these days, I also sometimes ache for the past. I think it'd be perfect if only I could combine the two time periods, but it simply wouldn't work that way even if I really could, because nothing is perfect and circumstance is interfering.

Ah well. Anyways, onto more eventful talk!

This weekend was fairly busy and for the most part enjoyable. Thursday I woke up feeling ready to vomit so I delayed my visit to Widdifield on the account of falling asleep after I crawled back to bed to lie down. I managed to get on the bus sometime past noon, and coincidentally met up with Tony coming back from Co-Op, so I had someone to ride the bus with. :3

We got to the school, I met up with Ma-chan, Jon, and other peoples, and hungout there until the end of the day. I went to the office to get a transfer slip for the school, but apparently there is NO WAY I am going to Widdifield unless I A) live in the district or B) get ridiculously high marks on my Drama course.

... It will have to be one or the other, I suppose.

So after briefly visiting Sheldon, me and Ma-chan walked all the way to Gabby's ( after we walked Ricky and Dustin to the mall, as we met up with them on the side of the road while passing Scollard. ) and then after some wait us three walked to Azzy's bakery where we got free muffins then was driven to Azzy's house. The shopping we gathered for occurred far later in the night after a dinner of McDonald's while watching Origin: Gathering of the Spirits, and we saw Tai and some of his friends there. Me and Ma-chan were mostly wandering the aisles by ourselves as everyone else was doing their own thing and I was being anti-social again.

After that Ma-chan came back with me to my house and slept over. The next day me and him went to Leigh's in the afternoon, and Leigh dragged us off to Dairy Queen and treated us to ice cream and slushies. ^^ It was really nice of him and we had a fun time. It was so beautiful out all weekend, perfect for walking. We ate our ice cream on the bridge overlooking the creek.

... Unfortunately all the sweets made me feel ill for the next hour or two. z.z

Sadly Ma-chan had to go ... and then after he left horrible stuff happened and I got to spend the majority of the night feeling wretched until I went outside and spoke with the moon. That always makes me feel alot better when I'm sad.

Then the next day was camping, hoorah! Although it took a super long time until Azzy was ready to go, lol. x3 Camping was with me, Azzy, Brandon, Gabby, Jordan, Ma-chan, and Tai. We explored train-tracks and climbed cliffs for a little while, ate pizza and garlic bread, sat by the fire ( but we didn't really do this in groups? ) and laid around the trailer and other such things. Jordan often almost set everything on fire. He also kept chasing me and Ma-chan around with a lit stick. >.>

Speaking of those two, they kept making fun of me. T.T Imitating my squeaky voice and the things I say... like screaming about there being no straws and my favourite blanket, and the 'nya' noises I make.

>.> Oh well.. it was kinda funny... well most of it anyways.

I got really cold in the morning so I slept with Azzy in Brandon's bed at like 7:30 in the morning. xD Before that I was sleeping by myself so that's why I got cold easily I suppose. O.o I slept for a very long time as I usually do, then when I finaaaally got up we all went to The Portage and had drinks and french fries. We also briefly sat by the lake. Then we went back, and Ma-chan and Jordan had to go, then the rest of us laid around until Azzy's dad came to pick me, Azzy, and Gab up really late...

And that was how my long weekend went. It was pretty good, I had fun. ^^ I'm really glad almost everyone came camping, it was very close to having almost no one come. I hope everyone else had fun too.

Well anyways it's really late here, and I should be getting to bed. I was really going to go to bed like 2 hours ago. >.<; Oh how I delay... and how unfair my internal clock is to the habits of people in this land. ( I'd really fare so much better somewhere else in the world, I bet. xD )

Eternal hopes everyone else had a good weekend too, oyasuminasai~ heart Annnd out~!