This feeling that I feel is the feeling of being ignored. Not just being ignored, but others make me feel like I'm not there. Do I actually exist? In the world of reality, I do. In everyone else's world I don't. These days I've been thinking a lot. I'm also not feeling too well. Thinking of what? Thinking of why everything's been like this for me. Where did I go wrong? What happened? Even one of my closest friends act like I'm not there. I'm happy that I watched The Forbidden Kingdom in theaters today. I really liked the show. Whenever I talk though, no one replies to me. I'm wondering why I even go on Gaia. The reason I go on is because my friends are there. Now, they don't seem there to me anymore. These days, I feel so down and sad... Right now, I don't feel so well do I'm going to stop typing. I'm going to take a rest from everything for now.