Once again ive come to report the things in my mind
I now know why i dont like pictures and bees
The mouths and eyes of the people look like holes
The bees live in honeycombs which also look like holes
I am full of holes mentally and emotionally
Mostly because im still not over my dad yet
everytime theres a chance to speak with him i freeze up because im so full of things that i want to say i start crying because i cant figure out how to let all the pent up thoughts out
Anyway back to the holes
I know why i wear baggy clothes and eat a lot and like smooth soft things
Im full of holes and i dont want anyone to see them
I try to cover them up with baggy clothes and i try to fill them up by eating and indulging in worldly things
It doesnt help much it shuts my mind up a bit making it think its ok but in the end it doesnt help

Everything in life is a luxary
a box called a house to live in
video games
It goes on and on
Sunligth is a privilage because it gives us warmth and energy through plants and food
Today its a luxary to be born
Your lucky to exsist 5 months in your moms womb because of abortion
What about those unailiable rights to LIFE liberty and the pursuit of happiness?
We people or humans are constantly changing and never perfect but that is expected or as they say it just is
Death is also a luxary because it is peace and freedom from the agonies of this world full of impurities and mistakes and pain
Emotions are a luxary because you can feel hopeless but blissful and totally pissed off and aknowledged
Communication is a luxary The chance to say and let out what you think and feel The chance to explain things and work things out

One that knows nothing understands nothing
In the end we know nothing because we can never truely understand anyone or even ourselves

In life we just want to create
Create something anything
Something that we can help grow
Something that needs us to take care of it
Ive sort of lost my train of thought now so im back to babbling
To be loved is to live
Maybe life is that simple

Half of those thoughts came to me yesterday
The others came to today because ive been playing kingdom hearts and reading fruits basket

Twell im out of my mood now and have nothing else to type so till next time