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My random place of rambling... Well here's my journal that's filled with crazy, hyper randomness! BEWERE!

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The Art Exam- What an exam!
I have been in an exam for 20 hours this week- 4 days, 5 hours a day. Silver_Erica was there with me and what a day the first one was! We were quiet and sensible for around 30 minutes and then the crazyness started. I even wrote a list with times xd

Here it is:
9.10- The cutting incident.
9.32- Erica picks up an empty pot instead of the one with green ink in.
9.34- My 1st unknown injury, which happened to be a dent in my finger!
9.39- Hyperactivity starts. Yaoi disscussion starts.
9.44- Erica attempts to ignore me.
9.45- I make a mistake.
9.46- I talk of dying on the table (Yes we were already bored and tired, although neither of us slept well).
9.47- Erica shows, that once again she can't count.
9.54- Teacher gives us a weird look- oh crap, he's noticed the list.
Seriously, he was stood next to me for ages, i wondered what he was doing so i just kept staring at my work- turns out he read this!
9.58- All the hands for my artwork are drawn!
10.06- I try to get Erica to make a mistake on her time sheet by saying words at her. Erica says that she won't make one, then pwns herself by getting ink on it.
10.08- My blonde moment about food.
10.16- Erica gives me *The Look.
10.23- Erica pwns herself by asking me if i'm going to use tissure paper on the hands, even though it's crepe paper and I have already done it.
10.27- Erica scares me by playing with the "Pretty Ink".
10.28- I pwn myself by loosing my pen and then finding it under the mass of crap on my table.
10.29- I nearly spill the glue everywhere.
10.30- 11.00- Ultimate pwnage.
11.09- Erica offends me.
11.14- Erica gets pwned by her bracelet.
11.16- Erica pwns herself.
11.54- (Yes we managed to be sensible for THAT long!) Erica pwns herself AGAIN and I swear at the hand i am cutting.
11.57- Erica swears at the plaster she's using. Erica talks babble and pwns herself and thinks she talking to the table.
11.58- I call the paper a b****. I almost pull the glue off of the table.
12.01- I pwn myself with the list.
12.04- The plaster that's stuck to the table pwns Erica.
12.21- I disown Erica.
12.22- Erica pwns herself because she can't spell America. I pwn myself whilst pwning Erica because I spelt America wrong on the list.
We'd had a drink of coffee and tea by this point, so is it any wonder we were acting so stupid? We also got into this disscussion because we were talking about Viva Rock by Orange Range, where they spell out the word "American". I love that song! I'd put in now but i'm listening to X Japan heart
12.34- Ultimate pwnage and the accident. The ink ran on Erica's background and her sketchpad fell on the floor.
12.35- I almost fall backwards off my stool from picking up the sketchpad.
12.45- Erica destorys the sink because she's poured plaster down it.
12.47- My 2nd injury- a dead thumb from cutting for like, 2 hours strainght. Teacher reads the list again and discovers that Erica destroyed the sink.
12.55- I also prove I can't count.
13.30- 14.30- Death andd Cursing!
14.45- Our friend Charlie pwns herslf because she reads the list and tries to spell out "America" with a 'K'.

That was JUST the first day, I didn't even bother writing down what happened on the other days. But on Day 3, I almost killed 2 people at once and made the other one laugh her head off. We were sat at dinner, Erica, Innocence and Charlie- as well as our other friends- were there and we were talking our usual rubbish. Anyway, we got on to mentioning Yaoi and I shouted out "Group Sex Education With Light and L!" which made Erica and Innocence choke on their food, Charlie started laughing like mad and I collapsed on the table in laughter. Our friend that was getting his food, came to the table and gave us the "What The Hell?!" look because he had completely missed it.

*The Look is a look that Erica invented for when she was annoyed at me etc. We use it all the time! If i had to use it on the internet, i'd type it as: ¬_¬
Except it's more solemn and we end up laughing our heads off. whee

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comment Commented on: Thu Apr 17, 2008 @ 06:19pm
Now I look at that, we really do seem like we were on drugs xd :
Who were the two people you nearly killed? So much stupidity happened, I don't remember it!! xd

Oh man, I just cracked up again at the memory of Will's "what the hell?" face and teh look Chloe gave us whee

We need more art exams biggrin

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