In front of me sits unfinished ice cream that has half-melted and I no longer house a desire to eat.


ANYWAYS, on with the show! (hehe)

I had an icky blood test the other day, which I do very much hate blood tests, but I was able to brave it without squall or flinch by thinking about other things which made it hurt considerably less. My arm still hurt afterwards for a while though.

I need to improve my stage combat techniques.

Also churches make me nervous, and reverends are very picky about pitch and quality as I found when collaborating with the church during a vocal session for my class.

I had a very strange dream about dinosaurs invading the city ( again, I've had at least 3 of those that I can remember. ) and it involved hiding in the bathroom from the raptors in my basement.


Today I made a new character on WoW. Her name is Ethira, and she is a Night Elf Druid from the Alleria realm. She is level 5 already. ^.^ Thanks to help from Sheldon.

At this moment I am amusing myself by looking at anime openings, as I will occasionally go on a binge for. This reminds me of how I want to watch Nanatsuiro Drops, but I'm uncertain of whether or not to start that or finish watching Clannad, which has apparently concluded it's releases.

Not to mention the fact that I am blowing off watching Shakugan no Shana yet again, or Higukai .. but Nanatsuiro Drops is only 12 episodes apparently.

Hmm ahh well tomorrow I am going to Widdi, which I only told very few people I am going so I hope that there will actually be people there to see.

Right now I feel as though life is about looking through a window. Sometimes it'll rain outside, and then the window will fog-up, and the leaks in the roof get me drenched. I may be able to repair the roof, but if I did that then I may not be able to find the window again, and that'd be very depressing, even if I can really do nothing else but look outside. It really makes me sad when it rains though, especially when the window is foggy because of it. I wish it wouldn't rain so much sometimes.

There is supposed to be camping on Saturday, and I really hope everyone can go.

... It won't be like last year though, but maybe that's both a bad and good thing.

Well I can't think of anything else to write about, so chow for now~ heart Eternal hopes everyone has a good long weekend.