1º DAY:

-my first day in gaia. i didnt know what to do so i looked in the "help" forum. then i went to the cinemas where i met thebigcookie2, a nice, cool (and hot heart redface ) girl, we became friends (and something more wink ) soon.
i bought some clothes to get my perfect look, i did it with less than 150 gaia gold!!!
that was a lot for the first day... good night!

2º DAY:

-i went to the "my house" section to get my crib, got it, furnitured it up... and thats it! then i went to get my car a black musculero with flames paint job (if someone can gift me the flames roof decal i will love that person wink ). i talked by PM with thebigcookie some time and after that i went to a carshow i was the only musculero there! burning_eyes and that was all for the 2º day