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RESTRICTION OF THE vend petition (yes a rant too)
Well my petition goes not for me, but for many people.

Many people say Pixels mean nothing they are not "Real life", what I cna sa well this "fictional life" is where you waste you "Real life" for at least 1 or 2 hours a day, wich is cool sicne taht time u spend it on T.V or at sleeping or eating and here u can know a lot about many points of view, but what about your values?

Many people of the society focus to save society values wich I think is a nice way, vend destroys them hardly,

how? its just a game oyu may ask

well lemme tell you this game unites over 1 million people and amny of your friends, with whom you spend a lot of time here, and let em tell you:

Vend = winning gold over other peoples mistakes

And its even lower to not give the things back if they ask for them becaus eof a mistake, becaus eits like on you "real life" if someone drops a 100 Dll. will you give it back?I know I would, because those are my beliefs, its teh same here, lets say someone drops a angelic minis from their pocket and u pick them up, and its your moral obligation to give it back BEFORE he asks it back.

What I mena with this, is taht if you do not put your principts on action o a "fictional life" what can we expect from you on "Real life"

Well I changed it from close the vend to restrict, the main objective of vend was to sell and trade commons so people instead of buying off stores buyed oof other people, well that is pretty logical.

While the vend lately is the nest of all Artificial Inflation everyone complains, with this Artificial inflation will stop, again Price guides that are so fun for owners and people that really do like them will come back, price flows will be stable, and most of us will be happy ^^

thanks to everyone who reads it, and if you support my RESTRICTION OF THE VEND petition please post on my journal later on I will make a thread on the petition subforum^^

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    I think you have a point right there, if we don't practice our values here what can ppl expect of you in RL. People who are honest outside and inside of the web gain much more things than ppl who aren't. Maybe not gold, but ppl appreciation and respect, that's more important than just a bunch of fictional money.

    I think the vend is a really good idea for ppl like me that don't like to go to the exchange an fight for bids or offers, because u just go, click on the item u like the price most, put your password and buy it. I think the problem is that ppl want to take advantage of it by putting things more expensive that what they really are with the hope that wsomeone who doesn't know or makes a mistake buy them at that price. The same goes to the ppl who by mistake put things like horns of the demon at 80g by accident. But well, as you say. Gaia y like a mini real world and as the real world there are many different kind of ppl around here.

    comment lemon iced tea · Community Member · Fri Aug 05, 2005 @ 01:59am
    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
    GrunnY or i mean MastEr GrunnY said Join So i JoiN^^

    comment Kolohe Koa · Community Member · Fri Aug 05, 2005 @ 02:41am
    I agree with you 100% with closing the vend. Please pm me with a link to the petition topic once you make it so I can help to get the vend closed.

    comment Kang` · Community Member · Fri Aug 05, 2005 @ 05:20pm
    I DISAGREE greatly with your statements regarding closing the vend. The Marketplace (aka Vend) is a vital part of gaia. Millions of transactions are made via the vend everyday with a very slight percentage of them being mistakes. You make your money buy selling your quest item over and over trying to gain a profit (something I don't agree with either). Quest your item and don't sell it just wear it and be proud of your work. I got my minis and since have not sold them to anyone, nor do I even intend on selling them to get my next quest item. You make your money in the exchange, paying lower prices than what you can sell them for so yeah you are capitalizing on people not knowing exactly what they can sell for, just as I do the same and admit it, just because someone makes a mistake of which they do have the confirmation screen there does not mean that the vend should be closed, that is complete bull. People whom "vend" work very hard for their finds and if other users put the items in the vend at that price then so be it they have 2 chances to get it right if they don't check then that is their own fault, it is no different than getting deals in the exchange. vend = making gold over other's mistakes (or lack of knowledge) exchange = making gold over the lack of knowledge or mistakes of other users. Frankly if you don't like the vend tough s**t. You make your gold in the exchange, and others make it in the vend. Being not a "vendor" myself I still do use the vend to sell my items and have one of the highest selling stores on Gaia at approximately 55 million as of August 5th. I have made a few mistakes in the vend, selling oct 03 for 9k, fairy wings, 20k, fork 10k, and a few others but I don't go whining and complaining due to those mistakes saying the vend should be closed. Sure you are intitled to your opinion, however, making such a thread would be quite stupid in my opinion. I am sure the creators of Gaia would love seeing a user put down what they work soo hard to maintain everyday. I am 100% positive you use the vend yourself to sell your items, and if you aren't fast enough to get the items as they come in the vend as some others are then that sure doesn't mean the vend should be closed just because Killer_Racoon can't keep up or doesn't feel it should be open. Frankly if the thread is made I'll be sure to send the link to every admin/mod around just to show your lack of respect for the gaia economy. Anyway I am done ranting.

    comment Ty_Tinman · Community Member · Fri Aug 05, 2005 @ 08:16pm
    I dunno, because of the peoples mistakes it fueles the gaia economy.
    And you NEED the vend for stuff.
    If you are asking the mods to make it fool proof, well that can't be done.
    well unless the people were REALLY REALLY dumb.... ninja

    comment gamecube10074 · Community Member · Sat Aug 06, 2005 @ 02:23am
    Soo many pixelated stuff...so quickly. =O

    P.S. I don't support the petition. rofl

    comment Kookehz · Community Member · Sun Aug 07, 2005 @ 05:27am
    Well hun I would have to say I strongly disagree with you. Vending is not sitting and profiting from peoples "mistakes". Myself included, many vendors buy at regular exchange prices but enjoy vending due to less hassel. As far as mistakes, yes they happen and many vendors do return items. A mistake for us is like you making an OMG profit each time you continually whore your minis. It takes forever to get a mistake, or time for you to sell your minis lol. hey I used to return them all, but got tired of being bitched at as I happily was returning something or being demanded to return an item when its my choice to keep it or not. The vend protects users a lot more than the exchange, confirmation screens that require passwords, lowest buy that allows you to check your items value. I would say more of these "mistakes" happen in the exchange, like people buying someones kitty for 5k if its listed as an AB when they haven't been on in months. So as an exchnager you would enjoy those deals, as vendor they enjoy the odd mistake. If you do not take the time to ensure you are getting your items value correct, exchange or mistyping etc in the vend, it is your fault be an educated and careful seller and you will have no problem. Losing sucks, I have misvended so many items I have lost count! But I do not b***h and harass a user who has experienced good fortune at my mistake, I take it as a lesson learned and am damn careful putting in items the next time.

    comment Eyria · Community Member · Sun Aug 07, 2005 @ 10:51pm
    i think i rember u!!!!maybe not

    comment frownyface · Community Member · Wed Aug 10, 2005 @ 02:52pm
    everyone has a source of profit.


    It would be selfish of someone to have a petition to take away someones source of profit. If the vend were to close. I am sure many venders would make a petition to close the bank, then how would you make gold?

    you wouldn't so i think it's wrong of you to have a petition to close the vend. neutral stare

    comment Hooker With A Penis · Community Member · Fri Aug 26, 2005 @ 05:37am

    It's useless to try and close the vend...The admins will just laugh at you. heart

    comment Slayer1313 · Community Member · Fri Aug 26, 2005 @ 05:58am
    Sadly racoon I disagree with you. The vend actually helps newer users by far, I know this being a long time exchanger, believe me, I use to make a killing in the exchange before the vend came out and I left gaia. Although I fear your opinions may be clouded, if I recall currectly you own a price guild no? Forest.

    As you may know the price guilds are pretty much useless other then on the 2003 items. People can get the up to minute values on their items with the vend. Hence making priceguilds mostly useless. It also saves mass time for not only buyers but sellers as well. "I need a fox tail" I don't want to search around the exchange for 12 hours trying to vend a good deal. "The price guilds say its worth 4k" But the dude wants 5k. Well s**t. This way you can not only get to your item as fast as needed but you can see other prices.

    It saves time. Also new users can check out the prices of their items but merely typing the name in. It shows them the prices without having to look in a 6 page price guild. It saves the users mass time and money. Also as stated above with the whole thing of people not playing gaia for months and selling a kiki for 5k. I heard someone traded a JU shirt for a pair of DJ's. In the exchange. As a friend i'm sorry to say this really. But you work with mini wings, selling them to questers I take it? You buy from other users for cheap so the questers can't get that certain deal you might've gotten...I'm sorry Racoon but this is my opinion. Sorry bud, hope this doesnt change our friendship <3

    comment Hellz · Community Member · Fri Aug 26, 2005 @ 06:20am
    What's that I hear about the principles of vending not applying in real life? Why, quite the contrary, the vend is just like a flea market. Read on.

    Mom's going through Junior's things and finds his comic book collection. "Hmm..." she thinks, "He's not using these, may as well get some money for them." Mom takes and sells Juniors comic book collection to the local shop for $2/volume and makes $500 off of them. Mom leaves feeling like she got a good deal for them.

    Junior comes home and finds out what happened. Junior tells Mom that 2 or 3 of the volumes in the collection are worth $5,000 each, and the average value of the rest is around $10. Mom storms back into the shop and throws the $500 on the counter, demanding that she get the $20-30,000 the books are really worth. A deal's a deal, however, and the shopkeeper decides not to return the books (and in fact has already sold a few of them for more than enough to make up for the $500 he paid out).

    comment Kaji01 · Community Member · Fri Aug 26, 2005 @ 08:45am
    It'll never happen. And also, moral values have no grounds online. Every single moral thing is broken and every line is crossed when online. If you expect people to give back items to the people that made the mistake, then you might as well go even further and give people their items back in the exchange when you buy the item for a profit. Business is about making profit, and typically making profit over other people's mistakes. It happens all the time in real life. Someone makes a mistake of not buying a rare item or makes a mistake for selling something for insanely cheap and then someone who knows the true value of the item will sell it for large amounts of profit. And don't try to argue that it doesn't happen, I've seen stories about people buying old and rare items on eBay that the seller thought was junk and then the buyer turning around and making thousands off of it.

    There is no excuse for a person to make a mistake in the vend anymore. The comma error was the largest possible form of making profit in the vend until the Administrators fixed it. Now the only excuse people have when making an excuse is their own idiocy of not knowing the price of the item they sold or by becomming impatient and clicking the sell and then confirm buttons with a missing zero, which is also inexcusable as they had a chance to see their mistake and correct it! Don't b***h and complain because others are able to thrive on other's mistakes, it happens all the time and instead of trying to bring morals into everything, you could simply accept the fact that it happens and try to gain the profit yourself.

    And one last thing, the whole "I don't care about pixels" crap is bullshit. If you don't care, then why did you start this to begin with?

    comment Jagr · Community Member · Fri Aug 26, 2005 @ 05:25pm
    Oh god. I never thought I would see the day when an "Exchanger" got mad at all the little vendors out there. There is more than one vending guild, and you can't have them all shut down. Hell, you can't even have one of them shut down. It is entirely up to the guild owner to decide what he or she will do with their guild, and it is not against the ToS to be a vendor. It's how the "real world" works too. People benifit from others misfortunes, and it's the person who made the mistakes mistake.

    You were talking about some kind of deal, I couldn't really tell from your poor grammar, where people get an item that is way underpriced. Think about it. If you read the persons shop discription on whether or not they return items, and if they don't say anything, just PM them kindly asking for it back. I would be happy to return items, but only if it means that people can use the decency and respect that they should use when talking to anyone else, and they are polite about it. If they fit into that catagory to me, then I'd probably give the item back.

    I'm really sorry to break it to you, but unless the administrators decide to change the ToS and say that vending is against the rules, then they might as well just close down the vend and the Exchange all together since you do the same thing in the Exchange, just at a slower pace.

    comment Seiki Nova · Community Member · Fri Aug 26, 2005 @ 11:05pm
    Yea Raccoon, I'm going to have to agree with all the disagree-ers.

    The vend is not just about making money off of people's mistakes. Its about making a profit just by selling an item.

    I buy in the exchange, and then sell in the vend, just like everyone else who does it.

    I mean, you made a mistake, no one has to tell you not to make the mistake again, and give you back the item. Thats just being selfish.

    It is just a game dude, and even if we do spend hours and hours of our lives just to get "pixels", its what we do. We've all made mistakes in the vend, its not like it will never happen. You just gotta go with what you have. Just like you did when you first started vending, or exchanging.

    Its useless to close one of the biggest parts of gaia, just cause you lost your mini's because of your own mistakes.

    Screw all your principles, its a game. It goes by its own rules, not yours, not mine, not anyone elses but the rules set by the creators.

    Deal with it, and move on.

    I would. :3

    comment Mr. Raining Toes · Community Member · Thu Sep 15, 2005 @ 02:39am
    my value = I taek what I can get

    comment Napoleon_Danneskjold · Community Member · Wed Dec 07, 2005 @ 05:35pm
    deal with it.
    besides you swear like you havent got a good deal in the vend because you saw someone else's mistake.I personally dont know you but i have seen you around,you make your profit by buying a lower prices and selling for higher,now if you dont know the risks now you do and then you might think twice about what is reallly important.

    you wanting to close down all the vending guilds or whatever is pretty selfish for someone who doesnt care about pixels.

    its absolutely ludacris to think that because you made one mistake that gaia is going to make one persons mistake become millions of peoples source of selling and buying items place dissapeer.

    i dont have anything against you but you just have to realize to move on.

    comment Cope 2. · Community Member · Fri Apr 14, 2006 @ 07:44am
    Hypocrisy at it's finest. You're an exchanger, and so was I. The vend is how we made more money then ever, without it, you wouln't have the s**t you lost. Closing the vend because you ******** up is illogical, I've used it since it's release with over 3000 transactions and haven't messed up, ever.

    comment Violent Pornography · Community Member · Sat Apr 15, 2006 @ 09:39am
    hmmm creo q es buena idea pero altamente irreal, gaia se basa en la inflacion, sin ella los nuevosno donarian tanto a gaia por q verian los items mas a su alcance, a los admins les conviene y no van a cambiar el mercado por que mantiene activos a miles y miles de usuarios.
    lo mejor que se puede hacer es tratar de no perder la moral ante ello, triste pero asi es, justo como en la vida real

    comment chica feliz · Community Member · Wed May 02, 2007 @ 06:40am
    User Comments: [19]

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