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Bloody waters in the form of tears apon my face, dripping away...you scared me again..It can't go on with your anger getting in the way...One more and it might be to late...so save me...save me from your monster that you made.....
Drepessed like Fucck.
Well lets see,

for a while now I've been really depressed.
Done somethings that I really regret.
My father is now home and is hateful as ever.
my friends are so distant to me like they don't even care anymore.
My mothers planning to kick me out soon.
I lost someone becuase of my paranoid thoughts.
Sometimes I think it was for the better,
but other times I wish I was still in his arms. Telling me everything was alright.
Nothing seems to be cheery anymore.
And I just want to sob, just to cry my eyes out,

I know it may sound crazy,
but suicide always traces through my mind.
I would love for the pain to stop.
But i'm already been ripped apart from the people in my life.
There my slow form of suicide.

Its been a couple months now, and yet it feels like forever.
I've been beating myself to the bone to make these feelings stop.
I can't take this life anymore. If there is a god, why do you hate me?
These eyes have seen to much,
this heart has broken to often,
If you ask me if everything was alright, i'd say i'm fine.
But if you look into my eyes, you can see it all.
I'm sorry for being this all down on you all.
I'm so sorry.

Birth Defect.

A birth defect, read these words.
wounded womb, paralyzed with your thought.
A process, in which includes the thesis of your gratitude.
Count to one, count to two, it's all the same.
If I could think of something to say, it'd be " I'm in love with you, " but that can't work out, this birth defect killing my eyes.
Melting away at the sudden sorrow of an ill tapestries command.
Appose the symptoms of a sadly mention sentence.
" I love you " it can't be true, this birth defect, ruining my skin.
Melting away at the something, that would probably be heard wrong.
Though, spoken clearly; such thoughts wouldn't help you along.
The complicated complexity, would just....
Well finally... be over with us.
But it can't, this birth defect ruining at my heart... I can't feel it.
What happened to me, what happened to you?
This is over, I'm gone, I've tried to live with rhymes but I can't find anything to rhyme with this way I feel for you.
My birth defect is hatred, stop feeding my hatred.

The walts.

He stood, she stood.
The parallel angle within them,
Screen lighting the sorrow, sprouting from their aura.
She cried, he stood.
The trembling of her hands, knocking away the buildup of water in her eyes.
The screen writing the expression in words, that screamed violently from the girl's eyes.
She stood, he spoke.
The melody sounding voice he let out, echoing her
thoughts that bled through her shirt from her heart.
Her ears picking up the signal of unwanted achievement, he succeeded
One step, two step.
She walked away quietly.
Three step, four step.
She carried on.
Five step, six step.
She moved on.
Seven step, eight step.
She took on the lonesome waltz.
Her knees gave, with the thought of him.
She fell to the floor, with her bones crushing to the asphalt.
He watched, she broke.
Her heart shatter in millions of pieces.
Like glass engraving the phalanges, which crushed it in.
He laughed, her head crashing down.
His victory, with decisiveness of destroying her mind
His evilness plotting the destruction of her life.
He would win today, it was time for triumph to take on.
She walked on to the depths of the shadows,
leaving behind her relationship with him.
Nine step, ten step.
She carried on
Eleven step, Twelve step
She carried on
The last step, she fell,
The shattering of her head, left a smile tingling on her face.
Her eyes slowly shutting, embracing her memories of such sudden fate.
Her fake facade leaving curiosity in his mind. The body carried on her lonesome waltz Leading on her feet, through the door of his heart.

The day.

The day we gazed within each other's eyes
And felt the feeling we clawed open for a long time
This is what we wanted, I guess we have it now
Climb out the window to prosperity
Within dexterity of your hands lays a flower
Get out after the final call of the horn
Blow the horn once more
Answer the final call of the horn, our final dance has come
When you said for me to come back again, I melted away my presence in reality's morn
The shallow graves we would stay in tonight
The light, gleaming from the moon
The concealing of this coffin, the one we sat together in
Wouldn't it be fun to be carried home in a coffin
And when we jump out, the world will be ours
Let's go ahead, let's be conceited and proceed to the door
I told you we'd get away with stealing our souls back from the devil
Save your breath, because I'm standing here with you
You better hold it tonight

Screams that echo the room

Screams that echo the room.
Tears rushing from both their eyes.
It can’t be over yet.
He raises his hand, fury within his violent eyes.
Striking her across her rose red cheek.
Her shaking body hit’s the floor.
Fear running through her veins.

Her legs almost give as she raises to her feet.
She can do simply nothing, but glare at his insensitive eyes.
Again he strikes her across her bright red cheeks.
Thrashing to the floor, not able to get up.
Pain stings her cheeks as she remains on the floor.
Begging him for mercy.

He grants her pathetic wish and storms out of the room.
Her bruises show, and the cuts remain.
With all the remaining anger she has within her broken heart,
She finally releases the screams she’s been holding in for so long,
All the pain she’s been holding in for so long.
Screams that echo the room.

The ballerina.

Her ribbon-laced feet glide across the floor.
She holds her breath.
She jumps. He catches.
Her neck barely touches the ground.
With her torso in his hands he spins her to her feet.

Her blood stained toes ache with the thought of the long hold.
Once more She jumps, He catches.
Her neck almost kissing the ground.
Having the evil within himself,
She breaths, he drops.
The thundering crack of her neck echoes the stage.
Thoughts rush out of her slightly tilted head.
He breaths, She’s dead.
The lifeless ballerina lies there.
So helpless, so innocent.
He walks, she’s already gone.

I love to watch the face of death smile at me.
To let death kiss my pale lips.
Take me.
Take me.

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