Amaya Dene Ikarii, 121 year of age. Black hair, red and golden eyes. They change colors depending on her mood. She is born a pureblood vampire.
Amaya was born out of wedlock into the Ikarii clanand lives with her father, the ruler of the nortorious vampire clan. She is supposedly next in line for the Ikarii clan leader, she is prepaired for that day but she is holding a dark secret from the world.
By accident, she walked in a ceremony where her people were trying to bring back the old warrior of the Ikarii and as she interrupted the target sacrifice took her hostage and his soul was put into her body instead.
She is posessed by the ancient vampre Lucien Ikarii, a being of myth, legend and mystery. He has killed over thousands of people, and has destroyed countries. The days grow longer and his powers within her get stronger. As if, he is trying to escape from her body. The more he does it, the less power she has to control it.
A few times, she blacked out and woke up to blood shed. People said that her body was surrounded in a black mist then all of the sudden it was as if she was a puppet, doing the actions of someone else.
One night, she was walking alone outside her home in a garden nearby, she felt as if she was being watched. She turned to see the spirit of Lucien in the refelction of the still pond. That was the first time she ever heard Luciens voice from within.
"Let me out and we will be the greatest rulers of the lands."
He would tell her. Now, to this day she is searching to find the right person to use to bring Lucien back into this world.
She rarely sleeps, and usually her time is spent in training her body with the Fire Dance, a gift her mother gave her before she died. She has the ability to call upon the element of fire and manipulate it to her will. She walks by foot and carries an old book full of her memories and thoughts. Carrying a black katana on her waist she is ready to fight anything that comes her way.

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