I don't really have anything to write about, but to write simply for the sake of writing. I actually went to school today... for a whole day OMG!!11 -self applaud- ... i ish a loser. >.>

So I finally got Dishu as a pet on WoW after a whole night searching. =D First time we found him I got mobbed by lions and then somehow Dishu died ( wtf rite? ) so then we spent a while trying to find him again but he was no where to be found. So then we went on a quest to find a tiger that I may like! We went from the Barrens Crossroads, to Orgrimmar, took a blimp to Undercity, took a trip to Silverpine, flew back to Undercity, took another blimp to some Orc outpost where everything was level 30 so we ran for our lives... went back to Orgrimmar, ran back to the Crossroads, THEN GUESS WHO WE FOUND LOL.

... I died twice trying to get him, but I still got him. DISHU GET!!!

i r teh happeh

... I realize I am turning into a WoW nerd. I've become my own former mortal enemy. |: Oh cruel irony.

Well anyways, school is as boring as it's ever been. I also actually kinda did work today. Kinda I guess. Woot? >.>

We are going to be singing Phantom of the Opera songs in class soon. I can't wait, so excited. <3 Ahhh~ I love PotO! I tend to love all musicals, ahaha~ Chicago, Phantom of the Opera, Greece, even High School Musical. Chicago and PotO especially. I reaaaaally wanna watch Moulin Rouge. I will certainly do that.

Anyways that's all for now folks, Eternal says ciao~ heart


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