Hello again. I am currently writing this from a random person I just met's laptop. I am at the western Kentucky university Campus. I am here for my friend Jenny's prom, which is over now, as is the after party. The kind fellow I am staying with is named Nate. I have no idea why I am sharing all of this, but I am, so deal. My journal, I can write what I want. You don't hafta read it tho. :3

It is 4:37 by his clock, 5:37 in my time. I am pumped on caffeine, and midly bored. Have been for quite some time. I am venting now.

*sigh* I just debated telling my thoughts, as well as a few insights. ihave decided against it. One never knows who will read this....

Well, I am going to go now.....I mat write back in this later though.....I don't plan on sleeping tonight.