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Verna's log...or something
I dunno what it's going to really be about, I'm pretty random, and it depends on what I feel like really...I'm pretty random. I do plan on writing ficticous stuff though. :D
Verna's Log # .5.5
okay, so I have my characters, they are:

The Hero:
name: Leon
superhero Alias: The Masked Croissant.

Leon is French, with a thick French accent, so he sounds like he's saying croissant instead of crescent. He's a black male that recently moved from France to Texas. He's always had his alter ego, but back in France people knew what he was saying. He doesn't get along with Henry, and is in love with Jem.

The Villain:
Name: Master Coltrain

He's the typical polite rich man. he lives in a huge estate alone with his son Eleo and Eleo's lover Uki. Coltrain up to this point has always gotten what he's wanted and currently he wants Jem's shop. He is generally good natured and uses his words to force people to do things, he has a mild temper and a different sense of humor.

Name: Jem

The girl of this story and the love interest of both Henry and Leon. She's a bit oblivious and has some affection towards both of the guys, she's unsure of who she likes more. She owns her own shop that sells Bakery goods, Ice cream, coffee, and sodas. she just recently moved out of her parents house. She dislikes Master Coltrain, but is good acquaintances with Eleo.

Name: Henry

He's the childhood friend of Jem's and has always been close with her. He helps her around her shop sometimes, just to hang out with her. He's an athletic kid who doesn't really know what's going on at times. He's real chivalrous and very opinionated when he sees something he thinks is wrong. Generally he's very quiet and likes to listen to people talk around him.

Name: Eleo Coltrain

He's the adopted son of master coltrain, and likes to point out his dad's faults. Not much is known about him, but that he is an alien. He has long pointed ears and 5 tails. He is in love with one of the house's many servants, Uki, and has plans to move out soon (although his dad does everything to prevent this.) Eleo is very calm and sarcastic and likes to pick on people with delicately put words.

Name: Uki

He was literally a lab rat of a now shut down science lab. his genes got spliced with that of a rare type of albino rat, and he retained the tail, ears, and feet of the rat. his eyes are a pale blue, and he squeaks almost constantly. he is the most paranoid person and always seems to be working in the room Eleo happens to be in. He is in love with his employer's son, and plans to move out with him, if and when Eleo's father lets them.

ninja and there we have the characters. I'll get started with the story here soon enough...

OH! All of the chars. except Uki and M. Coltrain go to a private high-school...that has no name as of yet. once again suggestions welcome. I have plans to draw and color pictures of random scenes of this story too, so look forward to that. blaugh

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