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this be a story dawg!!!!!

Community Member
please help me tittle i have no idea?????
"Hey im piggy kazumi and im new to this school but im a 2nd year and im master tennis player. Bad luck just seems to follow me. I don’t really know why but it’s always been there. Though it’s different when it comes to tennis there’s no stopping me not even bad luck. I have an illness, not serious but not healthy. When it comes to guys I have never had a real boyfriend just a first kiss. Although I don’t think you can even call a 5th grade smooch a kiss. All I know is the boy who kissed me that day I feel in love his warm embrace and his kind lips……tehe…..o…..o Oh sorry anyway, yah so its my first day at this new school and all new people and an all new tennis team. Also im freaking out cause the principal wants me to give the entrance ceremony speech so that’s where this wild school year story starts."

At school and the entrance ceremony. Piggy "I welcome you to a new brighter school year. I hope we all have a good year. Now lets start are classes this is a bit boring but that’s ok we all will have fun im sure of it oh yah and don’t forget to come and support your tennis team." (Wind gusts) Every one in the crowed eek eek eek eek eek eek .
Piggy “ eek eek eek omg redface redface redface ." (Some guy) "Nice panties, I knew she was hot. Why don’t you come to my place after school?" I throw a stone at him and it hits his head "you jerk no I will not accept your invite, gross you pig." Turns and walks off stage “ redface redface He was kinda cute haha there are tons of guys like that here I just did not want that to be the first impression they get." she looks out the hall window "hey he did not go to the ceremony?" he turns his face and looks at me with a punkish look, I duck. "Wow he was hot haha kinda glad he did not see the ceremony. Omg now he thinks im a perv watching him out the window like that redface ." His friend comes up to him. "Hey dude sakuya thought I would find you here you missed it some girl just totally embarrassed her self she was talking and then a gust of wind went by and her skirt went up teddy bear panties man teddy bear they where so hot she was hot her self you should have seen it."Piggy "oh so his name is sakuya even hotter....hey wait why am I still sitting here." sakuya "hey kiya, are there a lot of new students?" piggy "mmmmm kiya, hot name lets just peek and see who he is." I peek and then notices it was the jerk I threw a rock at and I duck. Kiya "hell yah there are tons of freshman there are some of the 2nd years and 3rd years also, no 4th years though." sakuya "oh really well I think im looking for a 2nd year that’s what she looked like at least." kiya "oh yah well the girl with the teddy panties is a 2nd year...... hey wait your starting already with out me that’s not fair you already have dibs on one who." sakuya "well see if I knew that I would not be asking who’s new." kiya " oh yah I guess that makes since where did you meet her." sakuya "not sure what time it was I think it was a little before the bell rang." kiya "awww your such a flirt your ganna make me jealous." sakuya " hey you get off of me." kiya "awww but I love you so much." sakuya "stop joking around." kiya " ok ok but if you find this girl tell me I wanna look." sakuya " yah yah yah get out of here." piggy " haha they where so funny they are cute together." sakuya "hey you I know your still there." piggy " oh yah I am still here what the hell am I doing. Well im caught I guess I will just show my face I wonder whos the girl he was talking about." she gets up and speaks out loud " ok ok ok I give......" Two girls come out of the bushes and he’s facing them. I duck again “oh so he was not talking about me. I peek and listens to them. girl 1 "hi sakuya I umm I love you." girl 2 " yah me too we have loved you forever since elementary school." sakuya " incase you did not know im one person and that means I can only love one person." girl 1 and 2 redface girl 1" ohhh yah well ill fight for you I don’t need to be friends with the hussy she’s tying me down." girl 2 "yah well your a b***h don’t listen to her sakuya im the one who really loves you." piggy "omg this is horrible they are breaking there friendship up over a guy." sakuya walks over to the window and pulls my arm up and he carries me out from the window. Piggy "(thinking) oh crap he did know I was there the hole time oh this is embarrassing redface . Sakuya "sorry girls but there is already one for me and I love her with all me heart." piggy "wtf what are you talking about." sakuya whispers in my ear. "Just do me a favor ok and I will do you one in return." he takes my arm and pulls me up in his arms for a kiss and then kisses me in front of those girls. Girl 1 and 2 "that’s the whore who showed her panties in front of the hole school." we finish kissing and the 2 girls are blushing like crazy. Sakuya "did you see the passion in that kiss there is only one for me sorry girls." he lets me go and I fall to the ground bright red face redface redface . Girl 1 "she’s a whore she’s not worth your love and she showed her panties to every one. Girl 2 "yah little b***h." I look up from my embarrassment and they are looking at me so mean. Piggy "(thinking) they are 3rd year students and they love a 2nd year that’s weird well he is an attractive man?" "hey wait you called me a b***h. oh no you don’t you sluts, throwing around your love like its a fish line you can just pull back in and forget about it. Loves important and its not to mess with." girl 2 " shut up you trap." piggy " what the hell did you just call me evil evil evil evil you wanna rephrase that."
girl 2 " 8-[ cry im so sorry you must have miss heard me." they run away sakuya " that was pretty nice of you to so willingly kiss me and then give them a speech about throwing love around but you just did." piggy " don’t give me that I was just trying to help." sakuya " your cute when your mad I wonder how hot you would look when your sweating when you have sex." piggy " redface redface omg your such a perv." sakuya "well you imagined it that’s why you where blushing you have such a dirty mind." piggy " whatever im leaving." sakuya " will I ever see you again." piggy "probably not." sakuya " I still owe you." piggy turns and a gust of wind comes by and lifts her skirt again. piggy " redface redface oh god 2nd time today." sakuya " wow nice he was right you don’t have any luck with the wind hahahaha but really anything I can do." piggy "I think you have done enough." sakuya " hey don’t blame the wind on me not even my fault (comes up behind me and whispers in my ear) if I wanted to see you under your clothes I would have taken you home. Piggy takes her book bag suit case and hits him over the head with it. Piggy “I really hope I never see you again" she turns jumps in the window and walks to class.
piggy ”gah that guys a complete jerk thanks to him I’ve missed first period. Hmmm got to make up a good excuse. Sorry sir I was late and I walked to school and I found a lost cow and had to take him to his farm home or he would have died.” (Hits hand on head) “Am I crazy what the hell am I talking about that will never work.” “Ok well here I go.” Walks in class and the teacher and all the student are staring and whispering “isn’t that that girl who was in the ceremony the one with the teddy bear……” piggy “gah im never ganna live that down.” Teacher “do you have an excuse ms. kazumi." Piggy “sorry I was….” Interrupted by a familiar voice. Mystery voice “sorry sir she was with me we where doing something for a teacher. Teacher “oh is that right ok then mr ochina misses your sets over there take it and don’t be late next time.” Piggy “why is sakuya’s here?” teacher “over there there’s your seat by sakuya ochina.” Piggy “Ahhhh crap here we go.” Sits down and then he leans over. sakuya “so that’s the payment I owe you right? Told you I would pay you back and by the way how many times have you kissed someone? You where a great kisser very delicious!” Piggy blushes “will you shut up with that.” (Thinking) “Come to think of it I have only kissed one other boy and that was like 5th grade forever ago does that even count? Oh no did he take my first kiss I remember the one in 5th grade so warm and comfortable it’s just like me and sakuya’s kiss.” (Blushing)
(slaps checks) “Come on piggy get it together.” Sakuya “Your thinking about it aren’t you? Was the kiss that good that you remember it so well? Haha your blushing you ok?” He feels me head. Piggy looks up from her thinking and notices he’s touching her head she blushed more. Piggy “I do kinda feel like im about to faint." (piggy says in a daze) "I wonder if its you that I kissed back then.” I faint and almost hit the floor but sakuya catches me in his arms.
Sakuya “hey are you ok.”
Piggy “you’re so warm you make me feel safe.”
Sakuya smiles “hey its ok ill protect you and take you to the nurse. Teacher she fainted May I take her to the nurse” Teacher “ok go.” He walks me to the nurse and lays me on the bed I wake up a little bit. Piggy “He...hey what happened?” Sakuya “you fainted I don’t know why and I carried you here a lot of people where staring but I think it was cool I looked heroish.” Piggy “what people stared why what where you doing.” Sakuya “ I was not doing anything you where pretty much talking about a boy you kissed in the second grade and you asked if I was him and you told me my touch was warm nothing that to big of a deal.” Piggy with a bright red face “It was not second grade it was fifth grade and what? I did not mean it I hope you know I was delirious I did not know what I was saying.” Sakuya “that’s ok I don’t mind a pretty girl like you telling me stuff like that its touching.” Piggy “haha well your mistaken then I don’t like you I hope you know you come on way to strong for me all I want it a romantic relationship no drama and your all about it with girls all around you all the time even the older girls love you and its not really love its just cause you’re a pretty boy. You don’t know what love really is all you guys are the same.” Sakuya “your wrong im not just a pretty boy and its hard for me im not going to just sit here and let you lecture me on how you don’t have love and crap like that how about I have never gone out with anyone before in my life im waiting for the one.” Piggy “oh im…..im sorry.” (Thinking) he looks so angry. “I did not mean to rant and make you mad.” Sakuya “ha its ok, well get better soon if you need me I have practice after school just come to the field. Piggy “ok bye then wait what why would I need you gah and I have stuff to do after school anyway.” Sakuya “aww to bad I was hoping we would get to know each other a little more. Well if your done before I am check the field I would like to make a deal with you.” Piggy “uhh what’s the deal?” sakuya “I guess you will just have to come and get me to find out.” He walks out piggy collapses on the bed sighing “what’s with that guy.” Nurse walks in “hello piggy I see your still fainting.” I throw my body up out of the bed “what…. How do you know.” Nurse “well your school does sent transcripts over to us so we can know about you.” Piggy rubs her head “oh yah duh.” Nurse “anyway I need you to come in every 2 days right before 2nd period so we can make sure your not ganna faint. Dear child I honestly don’t know how you can faint in school but when it comes to tennis you never give up and never faint.” Piggy “not true I might not faint there because people will worry about me I faint when I get home yes it takes a toll on my body but its ok I can handle it.” Nurse “what causes it?” piggy “It’s my asthma I have what I like to call a fit and it messes with my breathing. Sometimes I can tell and other times it just comes on the fly.” Nurse “ok well they did not give you medicine for it?” piggy “yes but I just try not to take it cause it taste nasty and Im trying to be stronger.” Nurse “ok well im ganna get you an inhaler that taste like candy its new haha it’s a pretty nifty idea if I do say so myself. Ok well go to your class now. Come by after school I will have it by then that way you can use it before practice.” Piggy “yes ma ‘am.” I walk off to my next class. I walks in the door and sakuya comes up and takes me by the hand and says "How is my girlfriend, is doing is she well.” I blush “what the hell get off me I swear im ganna get a fan and hit you with it.” He takes my hand and walks to our desks and pulls out my chair. Piggy whispers “what are you doing this is embarrassing?” sakuya breathes on my neck then whispers “If you wanna know come see me after school.” Piggy “fine I will.” After school. Piggy waves by to a friend she just met her names mitsuki “bye see you at school tomorrow.” Mitsuki “bye piggy don’t forget your math homework.” Piggy “oh yah dang I hate math thanks for reminding me.” Mitsuki “haha anytime.” She walks off. Piggy goes in to the girls locker room she hears people but she does not see them. She walks in to a room filled with steam. She looks around and sees shadows of people. She walks around the corner and see people in the hot tub that the school has. Piggy “hello umm excuse me girls but I need to know where my locker is who do I talk to about that.” Some one replies “go to the front office.” Piggy “ok thanks.” She walks out the door and thinks out loud.” That was a really funny sounding girl.
I walked by the tennis courts there where people on them and she just watched. “Looks like that boys tennis teams there.” I got my number and went back to the locker room and I walk in the big room filled with smoke. Kinda hard to see who is in here but there where a lot of guys for some reason and girls where all around them NAKED. I start to freak out “what the hells going on here why are you guys here this is a girl bathroom.” One of the guys kindly point out the unisex sign. My eyes grow big “what, this is insane. Why would they do that?” Sakuya walks up behind me “hey what’s up.” I turn to him “I never knew you where so tall and scary looking. I think the steams getting to my head.” I start getting off balance and light headed. “Hey sakuya is the room spinning? Why would we have a spinning room that’s just stupid?” sakuya starts to laugh “Looks like you can’t hold your beer mist.” I start to look confused and drunk. “What are you talking about I drink did no…… yah.” Starts to wave my hand around and act drunk. “You ……. You are a very sexy man when im drunk I mean when your something I don’t know I up give.” Sakuya “If you mean that you did not have any thing to drink it’s the mist in the room they installed the wrong mister and no ones told anyone so we kept it, you like?” I say drunkly “Correctly you right me right we all right.” I look down at his body to see what he was wearing thinking he just change in to a sport outfit. I look up at his face with huge eyes. Then I faint and some one catches me. I feelt my body being laid down in water on some ones lap. I wake up and look up “hey what do you think your doing sakuya why am I in water and how come you are holding my hands down?" sakuya “just sit still.” he takes a sip of something then gives me another kiss. My face turns bright red as he looks at me and says “we have to stop meeting like this.” I rush up and get the biggest head ache ever. “ouchie.” Sakuya “yah try not to move to fast your still a little drunk I gave you this stuff that the science club made for getting drunk and you have to do something right away it helps. You said you had something to do right” I look at the time “oh crap im late again omg why do you always make me so late.”

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Community Member

Thu Apr 03, 2008 @ 02:23am

If you find any errors please tell me and i will fix it! xd

Kanbe Frost
Community Member

Thu Apr 03, 2008 @ 02:43am

nice story piggy. laughed the whole time xD

Community Member

Mon Jun 16, 2008 @ 12:43pm

you should do some more writing, you could make funny romance novels, after all, i found that quite amusing, for all the stuff thats in it rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl rofl

Community Member

Mon Jun 16, 2008 @ 12:48pm

haha thanks im trying to finsh this one mabye thats what ill do today

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