So, I went drinking with a crazy lady last Sun's Day. She was at my bus stop, talking to herself... which isn't so bad, I talk to myself all the time. I thought maybe she was just stressed, needed a hello. So I gave her one.

She got to talking, cheered up, kept talking about being a fashion designer. Mentioned a bar she wanted to go to, so I thought "What the hell?" and went with her.

Well, of course we get there and she orders drinks, only telling me after she's ordered that she doesn't have money and I got this, right? Whatever. She can have one.

Then, though, she starts telling me her life story, steals my book, opens it up to a random page, and starts telling me all about her career... in law enforcement. Which she's had since high school. Law enforcement, yup. Fashion design? What do you mean?

I excused myself quietly and went to Borders. Yay, books.