Alone is a strong word, but a stronger feeling
Staring at the floor isn’t more comforting than the ceiling
There’s no way to go back or to avoid confrontation
Going with months of solitude and hesitation
Just makes it harder for my eyes to match your empty stare
I’ll just bite my lip as hard as I can and glare

Feel sorry for my blood, because I’m still playing tricks
You’re in way over your head I’ll make you sick
Making love and breaking rules was in this season
I called you my country and committed treason
The cold within me is worse than being hanged
But the truth is even after I die I still won’t change

The hell burns my soul, the hates in my voice
Maybe loving Satan was the incorrect choice
Ill play cat and mouse till I run out of mice
All of the insects are attracted to my spice

I can have a new dumb you before my heart mends
But I want the real you real you so it all depends
If you can live with the physco that is me
How uncomfortable that must surly be
The angel and the devil are on my opposite shoulders
Your frown your guilt sits there heavier than a boulder

I carry all the weight with a fight that’s under my skin
Battles that torment and love, none of them will win
But as long as I know I love you its worth the fight
Stay with me if you can get over all of the fright