*i slowly walk in and look around as i center my self before i sit on the floor. i look down at the space in between my feet as i lean in to pick up the pebble that lay there. i look at the pebble and start to roll it around in my palm. i let out a sigh as i prepare my self to speak. i let the pebble slowly roll off my finger tips and watch it slowly roll away from me.*

sigh... im not really good at addressing a nonexisting auddiance. but i'll do my best. . . ahem...

i have been thinking alot lately, and maybe just about everything and nothing honestly. (of course the therm "everything" and "nothing" really depends on the personal values of the reader). I have been wondering about people the most. I alway tell my friends and just about anybody that is willing to listen how much i dont understand people. to be more on target the logic that drives them to do what they do. i really hate having to see just about every body move on stupid action for weak or unreasonable reason. this would fall under just about everybody and YES EVEN ME! i understand my self a bit more then the rest of this crowd. *looks up at the nonexisting crowd and quickly looks back down and start to flicks around some more pebbles*

its not really a personal attack on everybody on earth or my way to "higher" my self from mankind. but i just wish i didnt have to see me (more importantly) my friends do stupid and worthless things for a even stupider and more worthless reasons.

that is just ONE of the things i have been thinking of.

Another thing that has been on my mind is "what can i do or think of that has not been done in a anime and most importanly NOT REMIND SOMEBODY OF ANOTHER ANIME!" this my friends have become a challenging task to me, maybe you would have better luck then me, i would honestly love to discusse what i thought of but i really REALLY have a fear of somebody stealing my idea and taking it as there own so this topic ends here. . . well untill i get my ideas and secret anime copywrighted sweatdrop

On a musical NOTE (HAHA music pun xd ) it has been way over 4months since i have layed my fingers over a piano key and i grow fear that i may have lost what ever little talent i have left! I have been really blue about the situation that i have devoted more then an hour a day listening to people play on there piano on youtube! (by the way to those of you from youtube that have been covering many of my favorite songs on the piano i ******** love you and want you to keep doing what your doing. and mostly THANK YOU FOR READING MY BLOG AND TAKING THE TIME TO HEAR MY THANKS mrgreen (tho on a note to that im sure nobody really comes to my journal and i really just do this to hear my self talk but none the less)) hmm... i honestly forgot what else i was going to say on this subject after busting out in thought.... oh well this topic right here in a nutshell is just me really wanting to get back to the piano.

WELLL I HAVE MORE ... but i feel as if i said enough.... *stops playing with the pebbles on the ground as i stop and think about everything i have said* .... yup i said enough for now * i say as i nod and continue to play with the pebbles that lay before me*

welll i guess i'll come back to write, the next time i see dust cover my journal and the desk that it lays on.
*i get up and dust off my pants and fix my shirt*
till then i'll be kicking rocks as i travel around ... *i take a second to look around and then nod as i lay my sights low and start to kick rocks moving away from the place where i sat. i raise my hands and up in the air and gave a quick wave with my hands in the peace pose as i kick stones* later