“insides better than out”

Please take me back to my memories
I can’t handle the present tragedies
I was so happy back then, you know how
Why do things have to be different now?
My soul was in your eyes, your happiness in my grin
After I lost everything, if I still had you I would win

All my missing pieces were complete when you had my hand
But every thing is gone, like when water washes away sand
The present day washes away the dreams
Nothing will ever be as it seems
People look at me and see my mystified face
They don’t understand that I’m in another place

Remembering how we used to be
Where are you now, because I can’t see
If I could go back I would stay frozen in fear
Afraid that if I moved forward you would disappear
I think about you even when I’m not alone
Its so hard to believe that its set in that stone

I will never give up, thought it’s pointless to keep trying
Nothing I can do would stop you from dying
Without you I don’t know how to behave
I stand talking to your cold grave
When we were together the world would stop spinning
But now without you how am I supposed to have a new beginning?