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Random stuff
Yeah. just stuff. ranting and nonsensical garbage written out of boredom.
Reality TV! Those damned robots! Say no to ignorance people!
Yes Reality T.V.
I am going there! Dont like it dont read because reality shows need to be ranted about! Mwa hahahahahahahaha!

Ok first of the construction of the shows. Gawd they're filled to the brim with this so called "drama"! this "drama" attracts viewers. Once a person gets old they get eliminated. you wonder why they keep the spazziest bitches until the end? because they attract viewers. when people watch it they want to know what the spazzed out whore b***h will do next and they'll be like "NO WAI! Look at what this bitchy whore slut is doing!" and then when the bitchy whore slut gets old and annoying they bring out new tension between diffrent people and give the slut little screen time. when this happens you know they're gone. or when a whole episode is about their whoriness (yess whoriness deal with it) you know their probably gone too. And that my friends is what attracts people to the contest-like shows. but of course there are more.

You've got a couple different kinds of reality shows. The ones about contests where a bunch of whores fight over a celebrity and The contest like becoming Americas next top model or something (as adressed in the previous paragraph)
and then you got the ones about the life of a celebrity or some bitches birthday or some person with aids or tourrets or something.

Ok now that i've shown you the types and examples of the contruction and how viewers are attracted and such its time to bring them out to the center stage for some real good ol' fasioned ranting! HOO YEAH!

Ok so reality shows. Where to start. OH YEAH! They are so ******** scripted! deny it if you will but you can tell when the lines are scripted by the way their voice changes. when its scripted the people are too overly dramatic and have the most badly written, and cheezy lines and emotions. seriously im going to list the emotions that are in reality shows.

1.pissed off (default emotion)- the characters are usually pissed at each other for dumb reasons this lasts until they win a contest or they lose. being pissed may activate the bitchy mode.
2. sad - characters get sad when they lose contest or get bitched at. but usually when they get bitched at they get even more pissed off. this activated the bitchy mode. bitchy mode often attracts viewers.
3. Happiness- Hooray your actor has won a contest or did something intamate. This may activate the bitchy mode. bitchy mode=more viewers= Monay b***h!
4. "love" - your actor has fallen in "love" with someone. this activates the happy mode and sometimes the bitchy mode. the director apparantly lovest bitchy and so do the viewers.

Hah! i made it like a robot settings manual. but we all know they're the closest thing on earth to robots so yeah. look 4 emotions! WOwity WIZ WALL WAZZLE! these are the emotions i've observed in reality shows. I'll comment on how fake it is and how artificial and shallow and bitchy these people are and "someone" calls me a b***h when i say these things. you know its true! stop calling me a b***h. you only say that because you know that these people have no real emotions on this show however you want to believe it and you try to remain ignorant to this. thus creating a false sense of reality.
ok 4 words
reality shows breed ignorance!
(write this down in your notes kiddies theres gonna be a pop quiz at the end of the rant!)
The more ignorant the viewers become the more viewers get sucked into this false sense of reality. the ratings go up the viewers go up and the stations earn more money. said money will breed more reality shows breeding more ignorant people. Say not to ignorance and teach you kids and family the dangers of ignorance! ignorance may lead to bitchiness, a false sense of reality, and selfishness. if you experiance the symptoms of ignorance visit your nearest sensible friend or family member so they can beat it out of you.
ok. everyone is a little bit ignorant. ignorance is bliss ya know. but too much ignorance leaves a blind and stupid public. people have to stop turning a blind eye towards things because they do not want to believe it. you have to learn to live with these things instead of just ignoring them. so yeah. getting off topic.

so i was watching this reality show called i think my kids a star or something about making your kid the next child star. and im like who would ******** do this to their kid. then i realized that it was reality tv and it was all fake anyways so i proceeded to knocking it. which got me a coupe "youz a b***h!" from that certain someone. which i ignored. first of all even if my kid wanted it i wouldnt let them have it. it would ruin their life. i dont want my kid when i have one to be and arrogant, ignorant, b*****d. And as i said earlier they kept the b***h because it attracts viewers.

Reality T.V. also dumbs down regular sentences to make it easier to understand. the people on these shows dont seem to know any words that are more than 3 syllables long. Their so called reality makes americans look stupid when we really aren't the only stupid people are the people who act like these people on tv. and trust me the population of these people seems to be growing at an alarming rate. by high school some of them get out of the hype but for some there is no turning back. especially if you're rich and spoiled. of course this is only how the media portrays the public and ill have to do way more research on real life situations outside the media to obtain the truth. but some people i've met are seriously like this. no joke.

People just say no to reality tv. just say no.

ok. apologies and stuff (its like an old fasioned playwrite. lol)
sorry to anyone who may have been offended in this rant.
and please flames are welcome but i dont want any
"youz a b***h! these people do have feelings you lizard!" this just proves that you haven't really been paying attention or understood the message of this rant at all.
so if you do write that sort of comment go to jail. do not pass go. do not collect $200. and yes the people the actors portray have no real emotions. but the actors do and i am very well aware of this. and sorry for grammatical errors. i typed this rather quickly.

and the "someone" who i mentioned is in no way stupid. i actually like this person and have respect for the person. The person is a very intelligent individual and im sure they know that reality shows are fake. This person just doesn't like to admit that im right. (were like mello and near in some ways, vegeta and goku, we're opposites but we still respect each other) so please no flaming that person.

This is the end. congradulations for making your way through this long rant. you did read the whole thing right?

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Fri Mar 28, 2008 @ 07:22pm
yupp i read the whole thing
i literally thought there would be a quiz with multiple choice answersxD
lawlls at to how stupid i amss XD
i love it
soo much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
realitiy TV sucks
i watch some of it though because its fun to make fun of the people like on the hills XD
and yuh

commentCommented on: Fri Mar 28, 2008 @ 08:00pm
yeah it is fun to make fun of the reality tv people. i do it all the time when my sister is watching it. lol. shes like "you're a b***h!" lol. shes smart but she needs to see the truth in reality tv. lol. this was so fun to write. omg. hahahahahaha!

Community Member
Community Member
commentCommented on: Tue Apr 01, 2008 @ 01:52am
Damn you wrote a lot Tammy. You totally could have just condensed that into like. A paragraph.

But I completely agree with you! You're totally right. Why do you think I don't watch T.V., hmm?

It's all just propoganda brainwashing crap. And most game shows are completely set up. Like that Lie detector show or whatever its called.


commentCommented on: Tue Apr 01, 2008 @ 01:53am
and yes, I read the entire thing. Amazingly enough.


Community Member
Community Member
commentCommented on: Sat Aug 09, 2008 @ 05:42pm
gonk DOMO IS GONE!!!!! crying crying

well on tothis blog entry. YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!!!!
'nuff said.

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