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(in no particular order)

Hatsukoi Limited- Read this when craving for Reborn! xDD. It's ok? About group of girls and life. Ongoing

Monster Soul- By Hiro Mashima, also read this when craving Reborn! Ongoing

Elfen Leid- Bloody. Gory. Ongoing

21st Century Boys- I didn't even read 20th Century I was confused. It was sorta scary at first.. Completed

13- I wanted to read one shots so..yeah. Uh. It's really weird and I don't think I liked it. Completed.

My 1/3 Boyfriend- One shot. Completed. Forgot what it was about. xDDDD

Gakuen Alice- A really cute manga. Ongoing

Naruto- No comment due to the fact that it's very popular and I don't really need to explain. xD Ongoing

One Piece- Exact same as Naruto. Ongoing

- No comment. Ongoing

Katekayo Hitman Reborn!- My current obsession. Really boring in the beginning but very fast-paced later on. Ongoing

Full Metal Alchemist-
One of my very first mangas.. It's really good with plot twists and everything. Ongoing.

Full Moon Wo Sagashite- A good manga with really nice illustrations. Completed.

Air Gear- Pervy, but really good and exciting. Ongoing

Claymore- In a way, like Elfen Leid. A little less bloody. It's good though. Ongoing

Fruits Basket
- My first manga. <333333333 It's really good, I enjoyed the story and everything. Completed.

Shinigami Lovers- Only a few chapters, but it's pretty good. Romantic..ish. Completed.

Gekka No Kimi- Romantic. I love it. Ongoing

Fairy Tail- Fast-paced and comedy. <3333 Ongoing

Othello- My friend made me read this. I never read NANA before, but I think this story is exactly like that.. Completed.

Rave Master- SO GOOD. That's when I got addicted to Hiro Mashima's works. @___@ completed.

Beach Stars- Basically about volleyball..I never read sports manga but I just decided to read this because I figured it might get popular and I would want to read it later so why not start now? Ongoing.

Hoshi Wa Utau- Same author as Furuba. Really good so far. Ongoing

Zettai Kareshi- I liked this manga. Romantic and sweet. Completed

Hot Gimmick- It's sorta like Zettai Kareshi in the way that it's romantic. I hated the ending but it was good overall. Completed.

Death Note
- Exciting, and fast-paced. I loved the ending. xDD Completed.

Liar Game- So..intense. Like death note but not. It's actually finished but the scanalations aren't.. You can read the completed in chinese.

Bold- My favourite mangas. That doesn't mean the others are bad!
Note: I used to read Perfect Girl Evolution..but I just stopped. It was actually the first manga I started reading myself and got my friend addicted to. xDDD
Also read one volume of Yotsuba from my friend. It's so cute!
Tried reading DGray Man 2 times but I couldn't. Too..scary.

Anime I've Watched (I don't watch any anime at all now)

Bleach- Gave up not too long ago..3 weeks maybe?
Naruto- Gave up at Shippuden. LOL No idea why.
Gundam Seed (I think just the..first one?) xDD;;
Gakuen Alice- I finished this.
Furuba (Fruits Basket) I HATED THIS ANIME. Lol.
Inuyasha- finished this and killed myself for watching until the end. LOL