Okay this for those that are in Naruto Shippuuden RP For Syn and the others.

Okay so once you guys have filled four pages of doing weird things and all Shino will be looking at the horizon and the traps that were set will be finished.

Footsteps ran through the fields stomping on rice fields and wheats. The blades reflected the sun's rays. Their painted faces already dry..twenty bandits ran forward followed by one hundred more bandits..

Shino nodded at the traps that were being done. "Alright everyone good work get some rest. He sighed and looked at the horizon. He perked up his eye brow...and squinted his eyes and yelled out..."Uhhh....Shikamaru! are there suppose to be moving paintings at this time?"

Shikamaru didn't remove his eyes from the paper.."What there no such thing...You-" He said looking out where Shino was looking "Dammit..Everyone! they came early. Prepare for Battle!All women and children get into the chiefs building!..

The bandits laughed as they got closer.

Shikamaru lit a small firerocket. It whistled up into the air. It was a signal for everyone to get outside..

((When everyone gets out their Inns and trees...))

Shikamaru zipped up his vest jacket and his eyes grew into his commanding mode. His squatted dowwn. "Alright everyone. I will tell everyone where to go, and I don't care if you don't get to be with your lover. This is not the time to be selfish. Alright," He layed down his diagram on the floor. "Naruto, Neji, Shinyuu.." Go to the marked circles on the diagram outside the village. "Hinata, Temari, Shino.." you will guard the east. Also, go to the marked areas. Everyone do not go pass those marks or else you will be losing a leg or arm." He said getting up. "Nini will be guarding the safe house and I will be at places..." He said looking up at a tall building in the village.

((You guys will kill 3/4 of the army so when you kill like 24 bandits each..and doesn't matter how fast...they will retreat..Then everyone will rest..I probably will be on when I play as the BANE))

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