Username:: Sinoke
Name:: Violette Couleur
Age:: Sixteen.
Race:: Human, as far as she's concerned...
Personality:: Violette, in simplest terms, is an overall fake person. She tries
her very hardest to act "tough" or "stoic", however, it's nothing more than a false
bravado to fool the dim-witted shadow snakes which stalk her. In truth, she's the
typical shy girl with a love of chick-flicks, a fear of horror movies and a terrible
habit of biting her nails. To the untrained eye, mainly those who see her as
fearless, she's particularly trigger-happy, especially since she's seen toting both a
Glock 40 and Beretta 92, and doesn't hesitate to flare a violent, fake, temper. She's
not much of a competitor, but if push comes to shove she'll show off.
Reason(s) for being sent:: Fear. Her parents were terrified of her "talking to
herself", having no idea exactly what has been following her. [Note, the snaky
projections coming from her back.]
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