Hey its Jose, i'm currently questing a kiki

Those who donate will be loved very much heart !
Remember one gold makes me one step closer to getting my Kiki!....


Items I'm also questing for :
-OMFG xd
-Fire Gauntlet: xd
-Cloud: xd
-Solar Headdress
Lunar Headdress
-Mythrill Halo
-Nitemare Parasol
-Summoning Tome
-Demonic Anklets: xd
-Angel Parasol
-Mythic Hair: xd
-Frostbite blade heart
-Winged Anklet
-Pixie xd
-Elegant Veil
-Fairy Wing
-Winter Rose
-Demonic Pitchfork xd
-Guitar of Demona xd
-Dark Halo xd
-Oculus Magica
-Elemental Hair

heart = donated
xd = bought
exclaim = currently questing

More on wishlist in profile.


Donaters heart blaugh