Break my heart and hope to die.
Tell me not a single lie.
I won't be yours unless you're mine.
These wounds won't even heal with time.

Chant the mantra under breath.
Watch your idles, wasted lies,
Beautiful and filled with pain.
Innocents that will be slain,
Shrink to knees and wait for death,
Stinging like a thousand knives.

This is it! Betrayal!
Bow down, unworthy, pray before it!
Come and take your label,
As you bless the pain your teeth shall grit.
On your knees!
This is God!

Liar, liar! Pants on fire.
Will you ever tell the truth?
Liar, lair! Sick desire.
Drink your lies from drunken booth.

Oh how these things bring tears to your eyes,
The essence of what you worship.
Oh how you would die,
To tell a sweet lie.
Your prayers, cries, reach the tips of the skies,
Knowledge hid behind smiling lip.

There it is, your shrine!
Look up in awe and praise.
Lies, oh sweet divine!
And as you sing your hands shall raise.
The truth is dead!
Lies shall flourish!