The Pattern of Plaster Circles on My Ceiling Tells Me Nothing

I sit here in my room and thing of you.
we come from two different walks of life
nothing is ever the same between us.
Half the time we a calm and happy together,
While the other half of the time there seems to
be a giant rift between us.

The rift has a howling gruesome anger
Which is practically impossible to calm down
There were rare few times that this rift occured,
but it is still painted in my memory

I suddenly move my attention to,
The plaster circles on my ceiling.
I stop and wonder,
did it have a heritage at one time?
would there have been a argument with another
type of buliding material?
Is there something about plaster that makes
it so calm and collected?

why do we have so many differences?
we have experienced more than most people.
you are so calm and collected and it is very hard
to pin point your emotions and thoughts.
I am out going and forward and very random
and yet we have a interesting connection.

So why can't the plaster get along with the building?
why is it so hard to be civil?

I still want to know the answer
but the pattern of plaster circles on my ceiling tell me nothing.