I went to hawks nest over the weekend with Ben and his family
Its was hilarious.
Ben's father and all his sisters are non-stop party animals.
I couldn't keep up with the amount of stuff the did and the time they went to bed.
I was a party poop-er and going to bed at 10:30pm xp I know shame on me.
I came down with a cold sat morning...not cool, just not cool
so yeah that destroyed the fun ness cause who can have fun with a scratchy throat and blocked/runny nose..no-one xD
but still they all dragged me down to the beach lol I stood out amongst them all in my weird and fancy styled black clothes and me being terrified of the water is always amusing even to me self as I try to run away from the waves.

I slept like a koala on sunday, Hardly was even awake...went down to the beach for 20 mins then dragged myself back tot he town house to sleep...mhmmm sleep

and ofcourse I slept on the drive back to the coast xD