Yesh, I gets me a spring break, and I dun gotz to worry about nuthin but a silly little english project :3

well, It's one day into meh spring break, and I've been playing KH, trying to finish the stupid thing.

yes, I've BEATEN the game (stupid xemnas piece of-)


but I don't count it as finishing a game. I havent finished untill I've done everything there is to do :3

and so I'm checkin everything off in the journal.


but I gotz nothing else to do.

and I got into an old series called angel

It's like buffy the vampire slayer with a better plot and no stupid happy crap. Just pure awesome.

*is not a buffy fan*


hmm, I'm just gonna go with the flow, and see where my weekend takes me biggrin

and yea X3.

O, and I'm going to a rosary today for a kid that died. he was my friends little brother

...may he rest in peace