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TL's Random Rants of Unimportance!
Logic has no place here... ^^
I am...
Very tired.
But not nearly as tired as I was yesterday...since I got ABSOLUTELY no sleep yesterday night. I was up the entire night doing 4 art projects...ehh. I still wasn't able to completely finish two of them, but my ability to care was lost by the time I got to school. -shrugs-

So as school came to a close, my friend Nibbs demanded I get sleep as soon as I got home...otherwise she would send me an infinite amount of hate mail... oO;;
So after I stuffed my face with some Dairy Queen ice cream, I shipped myself off to bed. I hid under my Skelanimals bed cover (oh my lord, it's the softest thing on earth!) and fell asleep right away. Unbeknownst to me, I slept through the entire night and into the late morning of today. Take note that this was supposed to be a mere nap...but instead I got 18 hours of straight sleep. WOOHOO. XP

Because I slept so long, I had very, very, VERY strange dreams. Like...really strange. I haven't had a proper dream in quite a long time, so I guess this kinda made up for it...or something. I can't remember what all of them were about, but I know that one of them consisted of me shaving all of my brother's hair off... Hah. And another had something to do with this really bizarre scary creature-thing. I dunno. All I remember was that I managed to 'destroy' him by chucking freakishly long steroid-infused leeches at him. I felt victorious. -insert Final Fantasy victory theme song here- ^^

Alrighty, well, onto today, I guess. Um, I woke up late...then went to the mall, to get Part One of my friend Jenneke's birthday present. Part Two has to be amazing, since she got me tickets to go see Trapt in concert for my birthday. It was the most mind-blowing experience evah. We got to talk and hang out a bit with Chris, the lead singer of Trapt. He was uber awesome. We even got HUGS! &3 We were also right in front of the stage at the show, so that was cool.
So yes. Part Two of her present needs to be spectacular.

Ummm....where was I? Oh, yes. The mall. So yeah, I ended up finding myself at Hot Topic, where I ran around getting things. One of the dudes that works there was having a really good day or something, since he was crazy happy. He came over to me and we kinda hung out for the remainder of the time I was in Hot Topic. We ranted about how amazing "The Nightmare Before Christmas" is. Twas a good time. -thumbs up-

So then later today, my friends Davee and Dean invited me to go to the school musical ("Anthing Goes" wink with them, since it would be spiffy and all. Sadly enough, my mom was being difficult about it, so I ended up not going. I'm gonna be going tomorrow, however, with Nibbs. So that should be fun.

Spring break is coming up in...4 days. I'm excited. ^^ I'm supposed to have a movie fest with a few friends on Wednesday night, one of the movies being "Hannibal Rising." WoOoOoOoOo. We're also gonna make Nibbs watch "Titanic," since she's never seen it before. XP
Then, on Friday, I'll be getting on a plane and heading out to California for a week. Mwahahaha! -very excited- I'm gonna be in Huntington Beach, aka: Surf City. So that in itself should make it an interesting experience.

-is being kicked off computer-
Ta ta for now, loves!


<3 Monica

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Alucin Dante Draygon
Community Member
commentCommented on: Mon Mar 17, 2008 @ 06:39am
Sounds like you had quite an eventful day. Hehe

commentCommented on: Tue Mar 18, 2008 @ 02:35am
MWAHAHAHA!! Yet again I win!
and Yesh I loves you too Moni. I'm so excited, I really want to know what your getting me.
You don't really get excited unless it's DNAngel or the Shower Gods of Awesome.
That's sweet, I'm glad you liked the musical. It was pretty fun to be in it myself.
LUCKY! *ish still jealous that you're going to CA* I'm going to Frickin' Florida... SO LAME.
I still hope you have a fun time.
Watch out for those surfer boys, they hide in your suitcases home...*shifty eyes*
Or I might stow away in your bags to go with you.

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I make arts.
Samples in my journal, and links to DA on profile.

Fuzzy Badger Ninja
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